Reasons Why You Should Use A Lip Balm

Lip salves or lip balms are fantastic personal care products. Applying a lip balm to your lips adds a protective layer which seals in moisture to prevent dry and cracked lips. Most lip balms contain natural ingredients mixed with synthetic chemicals like additives, preservatives and fragrances. Others are purely made from natural ingredients like shea butter and beeswax.

How often you should use a lip balm depends on your needs. If you experience dry lips frequently, then you would've to use a lip balm more often. It’s even recommended to apply lip balm to your lips before going to bed at night.

There are many factors and conditions that can cause dryness and chapped lips. Wind, dry air and cold temperature as some of the conditions that could affect your lips. Constantly licking your lips or regularly eating spicy could increase your risk of having dry lips as well.

The heat of the sun could also cause dry lips. This is one of the reasons why you need to stay hydrated if the weather is hot or warm. Proper hydration keeps your lips moist and well nourished.

If you’re not interested in buying a lip balm, you can actually make one at home. There are many recipes and guides online that you can use to make your own lip balm. Most of the time the guides are thoroughly but pretty easy to follow.

Additionally, most of these homemade lip balm recipes involve using natural ingredients and sometimes organic ones. Natural lip balms are highly recommended for people who want to moisturise their lips without dealing with the nasties commonly found in commercially produced lip balms.

Do you really need to use a lip balm?

Not really, no. If you’re always hydrated and never experience dry lips, then you probably don’t need a lip balm. The main reason, and probably only reason, to use a lip balm is to keep the lips moisturised to prevent it from cracking.

However, you can apply lip balm into your lips as a preventive measure. For instance, if you will engage in an outdoor activity and will be under the sun for an extended period of time.

Prevents dry lips

The main reason to use a lip balm is to prevent cracking lips or moisturise dry lips. Dry lips can lead to many problems for your healthwise. Bacteria could get into the cracks for your lips and could cause infection.

Not only do lip balms prevent dry lips, they also facilitate healing of any lip abrasions. Most natural lip balms contain ingredients like chamomile and shea butter that are known for their healing and antibacterial properties.

Preventive measure when taking medicines

Some medicines cause our lips to go dry. Most medications that contain vitamin A could cause dry mouth which could then lead to dry lips. Using a lip balm can help you manage and deal with the dryness.


Lip balms are not necessary but they come in pretty handy if you want to keep your mouth moisturised and you want to prevent dry lips. You can also stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go.


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