Recycled Wool Blanket

recycled wool blanket

ReSpiin Recycled Wool Blankets

These gorgeous recycled wool blankets from ReSpiin score top marks for sustainability and comfort. Made from recycled waste clothing they are super cosy a

Eco-friendly & Stylish Recycled Wool Blankets from ReSpiin

ReSpiin is a green homeware brand owned and operated by Green Pioneer headquartered in the United Kingdom. They work directly with artisans and innovative producers in India and Bangladesh to create stylish homeware products that are made from sustainable and recycled materials like jute, cotton, seagrass and wool. They have visited each manufacturing centers to ensure workers are paid and treated fairly.

ReSpiin is all about creating stylish homeware through sustainable process using renewable and recycled materials. They have been utilising materials like jute and recycled wool for many years. Jute is one of the most sustainable and renewable materials on the planet. It does not take too many resources to grow jute and jute plantations are good on the environment by absorbing large amounts of CO2. They’re commitment to the environment and producing high quality homeware is why we love them at Baba Me.

Recycled wool blankets from Respiin comes from unwanted clothing articles that were collected through recycling centers and programmes around the world and then shipped to their production centers in India and Bangladesh for sorting and reworking. Used clothing is sorted into fabric type and colour then cleaned, respun into yarn and made into recycled wool fabric. The resulting material is a minimum of 65% wool and 35% other fibers. It is also important to note that they do not add any dyes to their fabric.

Our selection of ReSpiin recycled wool blankets are perfect additions to your living room and bedroom. They can be used as a sofa or bed throw and will complement any home decor. These cosy blankets are guaranteed to keep you warm on even the chilliest of evenings. Made from recycled wool fibers from unwanted clothing, these stylish and luxurious blankets make for a wonderful eco-friendly gifts.