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Shop our range of high quality and safe reusable baby wipes to keep your baby's bottom clean and the environment free from plastic.

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Petit Lulu Washable Wipes Kit
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Little Lamb Cloth Baby Wipes
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Petit Lulu Washable Baby Wipes
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Rosemary Essential Oil
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As soon as you become a parent, baby wipes become a huge part of your everyday life for years. Most parents reach for the baby wipe packet at playtime and mealtimes. Not to mention the baby wipe mountain needed for nappy changes. Disposable baby wipes are made from plastic,and we have all seen the fatbergs they contribute heavily towards.

Most babies seem to require a constant supply of baby wipes. But if you are conscious of the cost and environmental impact, not to mention the list of chemicals that can be in some of these baby wipes, then you might be looking for an alternative.

Switching to reusable baby wipes is one of the easiest eco-friendly decisions you can make. Using them is easy and convenient, will save you money and will reduce your plastic waste, all while cleaning your baby's bottom in the most gentle way possible. And because they are made of natural materials these wipes never need to end up in landfill.

Our reusable baby wipes are made from natural materials and can be used alongside cloth or disposable nappies. Perfect for a baby’s very first nappy until potty training and beyond.

They are perfect for little hands and faces, great for health and protecting babies from chemicals that may contribute to nappy rash, and reusable cloth wipes are also super handy for cleaning up spills so they can replace paper towels as well as wet wipes.

Why use reusable baby wipes?

Reusable baby wipes offer natural and cost-effective alternatives:

  • They are easy to wash and can be used straight from the machine.
  • You need fewer baby wipes per nappy change as they clean more effectively.
  • They are perfect for cleaning grubby hands and faces.
  • You can easily take them with you in a small wet bag.
  • Reusable wipes contain no chemicals or fragrances which is ideal for delicate skin. You can even add a few drops of natural essential oil which can actually aid skin healing rather than damaging it.

Reusable baby wipes are made from a wide range of ecofriendly materials but the 2 of the most common materials are cotton and bamboo.

Little Lamb bamboo baby wipes are made from a double layer of soft bamboo viscose and rayon. They can be washed alongside reusable cloth nappies and although they are quick drying can also be used wet straight from the machine, just pop in a wet bag or tub.

Bamboo is generally softer and more absorbent than cotton but the fibres are shorter meaning it isn't quite so durable. But don't worry these baby wipes will still last a long time, you'll save money and save thousands of disposable baby wipes from ending up in landfill or worse our oceans.

Baby Wipes Kit

Building a good baby wipes kit will make using baby wipes easier meaning you can save money and do your bit for the planet with minimal hassle.

If you are using reusable wipes at home alongside either washable cloth nappies or disposables, you'll probably want a couple of tubs or wet bags. One to keep clean baby wipes moist and one to keep dirty baby wipes contained until it's time to wash them.

Although most of the time reusable wipes work perfectly with just water, many parents also add essential oils to keep their baby wipes fresh and smelling lovely. A couple of drops of lavender essential oil is perfect for clean baby wipes as it is gentle on the baby's skin and has natural antiseptic, anti-fungal and healing properties.

And a drop of chamomile essential oil can also be very soothing if a baby has a sore bum. Tea tree essential oil is antibacterial and antifungal making it perfect for keeping dirty baby wipes fresh until they get washed.

Although there are lots of amazing smelling essential oils available make sure you check they are safe for babies and always dilute according to instructions.