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reusable coffee cup

Buy the Best Reusable Coffee Cups and Travel Mugs

Reduce waste and enjoy a better cup coffee with our pick of the best reusable coffee cups. It's a small change that's easy to make and has a big impact. Unlike a travel mug a reusable coffee cup is generally not insulated, it's a perfect replacement for a takeaway cup.

With our great range of travel mugs you can enjoy the best drinks from a coffee shop, in the office or at home. Enjoy hot coffee for longer in a great looking reusable coffee cup.

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rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz
£12.00  (5)
Pokito Collapsible Cup
£15.00  (1)
rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 8oz
£11.00  (1)
FOSH Social Beaker
£18.00  (7)
Chilly's Bottles Coffee Cups 340ml
£20.00  (1)
Gosip Rice Husk Cup
£9.95  (1)
KeepCup Brew Cork 12oz
U Konserve Insulated S/S Tumbler
£17.00  (1)
U Konserve Insulated Tumbler 236ml
£17.95  (9)
KeepCup Brew 12oz
U Konserve Insulated Tumbler 355ml
£17.45  (6)

Page 1 of 1:    26 Items 

Looking for the Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2019?

We've done the hard work for you and found the best travel mugs on the market. 

Travel cups come in all shapes and sizes. We've chosen only the highest quality cups from trusted ethical suppliers so all you have to do is pick the mug that best suits your needs. 

Insulated Travel Mugs

Fed up of drinking cold coffee? If you find you often get distracted by kids, work or anything else between the point of making a cuppa and getting to drink it then an insulated travel mug is a must have.

An insulated reusable coffee cup will keep your drinks hot for hours. Meaning you can leisurely sip it at your desk all morning, or enjoy a piping hot cuppa you made when you got up when you make it home from the school run. 

Leak Proof Reusable Coffee Cup

A leakproof travel mug means no more covering yourself in hot coffee as you open doors or carry your bags.

If you simply need a splash proof reusable coffee cup that will save you from spills as you run for the bus then both the Keepcup and Pokito can be sealed to prevent splashes.

If however you need a reusable coffee cup you can throw in your bag or the bottom of the buggy and not worry about leaks then we highly recommend the Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap. These wide insulated bottles have an easy sip lid that seals completely. And they'll keep your drink hot for hours.Whilst these are not traditionally seen as reusable mugs, they work perfectly as your reusable coffee mug.

Dishwasher Safe

Not all travel mugs appreciate going in the dishwasher. So if dishwasher safe is a must we recommend either the super stylish U-Konserve Tumblers if you want insulated, the rCup for leakproof 360 drinking, GoSip rice husk cups for great value or the gorgeous glass Keepcup.

Best Collapsible Cups

Pokito and Stojo Collapsible Cups are perfect if you need a lightweight option you can keep with you. They take up very little space, are easy to use and should mean you never have to use another disposable cup again.

Best for Coffee Shops

All our travel cups are great for takeaways but if you are simply looking to ditch the disposables then a small lightweight cup might be the answer. Gosip rice husk cups are eco-friendly, lightweight and can be used in the dishwasher or the microwave. Plus they are great value too.

Pokito collapsible cups are ideal to keep in your bag or pocket so you never get caught without your own cup.

And Keepcup glass cups are perfect if you want to avoid using a disposable cup. They are small enough to fit under coffee machines making them perfect for coffee shops, they have a silicone sleeve to protect your hands, and splash proof sealable lid to prevent any spills. Glass coffee cups are idea as glass cups, unlike steel mugs, do not hold any smell, you can see your contents & are very easily cleaned.

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