Reusable Face Mask

reusable face mask

Reusable Face Mask

Reusable face masks have become an important part of our everyday lives. With how the current global pandemic has affected our lives, there is no scarcity for these facial protective coverings. You can make your own cloth masks and they are fairly easy to make. But if you do not have the time and want something that can protect you from viruses while still being stylish, our fask masks collection is for you.

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Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

Reusable Face Masks for Adults & Kids

Our collection of reusable face masks includes face masks for adults and kids as well as face masks filter inserts available in both adult and kids sizes.

These reusable face masks are breathable and designed to cover both the mouth and nose. These masks also feature easily adjustable hoops for a comfortable fit. There are two layers of fabric creating a pocket for a PM2.5 filter which is already included in each reusable face mask. Simply remove the filter insert when washing the mask and replace with a new one. Filter inserts are available for purchase in packs of 4. It is highly recommended to replace insert in between uses.

Are reusable face masks safe?

Yes, using reusable face masks and other face coverings are safe. Covering your nose and mouth by wearing a face mask shows the community how much you care and you are doing your part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

How does wearing reusable face masks help slow the spread of viruses?

Many studies have shown that various masks have the ability to block respiratory droplets. Viruses like COVID-19 are spread through droplets and wearing a face mask or any facial coverings that cover the nose and mouth help slow down the spread of the virus. The more people wearing face masks the better.

Can you wash reusable face masks?

It depends on the face masks. Our reusable face masks are washable and you can replace the filter insert with a new one. Make sure to check on the description of the reusable face masks you are planning to buy to ascertain that they are indeed washable.

If you are looking for high quality reusable face masks, look no further than our collection.