Reusable sandwich bags for lunch boxes

Reusable sandwich bags for lunch boxes

Switching to a reusable sandwich bag like those made by Rolleat or Keep Leaf is a quick and easy way to reduce your use of single-use plastic. If you make sandwiches for lunch boxes or send anything else in a sandwich bag then reusable snack bags are the perfect eco-friendly solution.

Our range of reusable pouches are easy to use, keep food fresh all day, and are machine washable so you can use them over and over and over again. The Keep Leaf ones can even go in the dishwasher.

These handy little bags have a waterproof inner layer that means you can use them for cut-up fruit or veggies as well as sandwiches, and they’re also great for nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, crisps and crackers.

The velcro closure makes them easy for even little hand to use so they are perfect for children’s lunches. And they come in a great range of colours and designs.

Tips for less wasteful lunches

Lunch boxes can be one of the hardest places to reduce waste. Crisps packets, yoghurt pots, biscuit wrappers, mini bags of breadsticks are all hard to replace with waste-free items unless you are up for making your won at home. And even the sandwiches or wraps muffins etc you do make so often end up being wrapped in a layer on single-use plastic to keep them fresh.

However, while making your kids lunch 100% waste-free might be tricky, depending on what you give them of course, reducing the amount of single-use packaging that ends up in the bin is simpler than you might think.

Starting with the sandwiches you can easily replace cling film or plastic sandwich bags with reusable sandwich wraps or reusable sandwich bags.

But don’t stop there. These bags can easily be used for all sorts of other snacks. They are great for crisps, veggie sticks, crackers, fruit, cookies and so on. Basically, anything you could put in a regular plastic sandwich bag. You could try buying a big bag of crisps and such popping a handful in their snack bag or sending some breadsticks or crackers and a little tub of soft cheese instead of a pre-packaged cheese dipper.

Making cookies or flapjacks is a fun activity for the kids to get involved with, and a much lower waste option for a sweet treat at lunchtime than an individually wrapped chocolate bar or a cereal bar.

Instead of buying individual yoghurts you could consider getting a big tub and decanting a portion each day. Little pots are good for this or you can get reusable pouches that are perfect for younger kids. These are generally dishwasher safe making them easy to clean and another easy switch for low waste lunches.

And of course it goes without saying you should treat your child to a reusable water bottle if they don’t already have one. Stainless steel bottles are both durable and easy to clean, and you could even choose an insulated option allowing you to send ice-cold drinks on a hot day and even warm drinks on a cold day.

This is a great video that looks at some of our reusable food on the go options.

And we take a closer look at choosing the best reusable sandwich wrap here.

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