Reusable Sandwich Bags

reusable sandwich bagREUSABLE SANDWICH BAGS

Reusable sandwich bags and snack bags are a really easy way to reduce single use plastic in your life. Ditch the clingfilm and wrap your sandwiches in these, they are the perfect size for sandwiches, and are wipe clean. Reusable food storage is one of the easiest ways to start your plastic free journey, a journey which more people are realising we need to take to save this planet. 

Boc N Roll Reusable sandwich bags and wraps have quickly become a favourite with many of our staff and customers, as have the Keep Leaf Baggies. Perfect for sandwiches and snacks, easy to use and easy to clean. 

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Keep Leaf Food Wrap
£7.50  (1)
Keep Leaf Large Baggie New Fruit
£5.95  (1)
Keep Leaf Large Baggie Stars
Keep Leaf Large Baggie - Bloom
£5.95  (4)
Snack 'n' Go
£7.50  (4)
Keep Leaf Large Baggie - Geo
£5.95  (5)
Keep Leaf Large Baggie - Mesh
£5.95  (2)
Boc 'n' Roll
£9.95  (29)
Boc'n'Roll Kids
£9.95  (19)
Snack'n'Go Kids
£7.50  (16)

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items 
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