Reusable Shopping Bags

reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags in every size and style

Our fantastic range of reusable shopping bags covers everything from organic cotton produce bags that can go straight from the supermarket to the fridge and lightweight string bags to keep in your handbag, to bags for life made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Baby Pink String Reusable Shopping Bag
£4.95  (1)
Dolly Llama Jumbo Bag for Life
£4.95  (1)
Flamingo Bay Jumbo Bag for Life
£4.95  (1)
Folk Doves Jumbo Bag for Life
£4.95  (1)
Magical Unicorn Jumbo Bag for Life
£4.95  (2)
Vintage Ivy Jumbo Bag for Life
£4.95  (2)
Pineapple Foldaway Bag for Life
£3.95  (1)
Vintage Ivy Foldaway Bag for Life
£3.95  (2)
Watermelon Foldaway Bag for Life
£3.95  (1)
Re-Sack Voile
£3.50  (1)
Flamingo Bay Bag for Life
£2.95  (1)
Tulip Bloom Bag for Life
£2.95  (2)
Eco Living Organic Bread Bag

Page 1 of 1:    40 Items 

We have a fantastic selection of jute reusable shopping bags that are fair trade and sustainable, and even have mini reusable shopping bags for the kids! These little reusable bags also make the perfect reusable gift bags.

Benefits of using eco-friendly bags

Using reusable grocery bags goes a long way in saving our environment from further destruction because it eliminates the need of single use plastics that would get discarded seconds after use and would end up in our landfills and oceans. Most of our wastes are made from plastic and they are slow to degrade thus adversely affecting all life on our planet.

Most reusable grocery bags can be repurposed. For example, instead of buying boxes or other containers for your off season clothing at home, consider using your reusable grocery bags instead. They come in handy when sorting clothes within a larger bin and slide in easily under your cabinet or bed.

You can also send your reusable grocery bags to recycling centers if you no longer use them. Most of these recycling centers are partnered with artists, creatives and non-profits to turn your reusable grocery bags into something new. If the reusable grocery bag is still good, more often than not they send them it to low income families who could not afford their own reusable grocery bags.

If you want to make smarter and greener choice, consider using reusable bags for your shopping needs.

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