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Ride on toys

Kids love having wheels. Tractors and cars are always the most popular option at any toddler group and children seem to gravitate towards them at parks and adventure playgrounds.

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Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot Aqua Racer

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Bigjigs My First Balance Bike - Pink

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Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot - Racing Red


Bigjigs My First Balance Bike - Blue

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Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot Hearts


Bigjigs My First Balance Bike - Red


Bigjigs Giraffe Ride On

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Indigo Jamm Bernies Ride-On Bus

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Bigjigs Rocking Horse (Cord)

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Bigjigs Bunny Ride On

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Indigo Jamm Camper Van Walker


Small Foot Motorcross Balance Bike

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And why wouldn't kids love a ride on toy? They are big, exciting and just a little bit dangerous. They allow them to reach speeds they never thought possible. And they are perfect for all sorts of interactive role play games.

And they're not just great fun. Ride on toys are also great for your child's development. And there are loads of options available so it's easy to pick something that's perfect for any age.

We carefully select each toy in our range and go for quality over quantity. And we have chosen wooden bikes and ride on's over plastic or metal toys. 

Benefits of a ride on toy:

A ride on toy or car will encourage kids to get active and get outside

There are lots of different ride on toys available from rocking horses and wobbel boards which are relatively stationary right through to balance bikes that are definitely a toy that is best played with outside. And none of our ride on toys are electric meaning children have to do the work and you don't need to charge the battery.

Getting your children outside is great for them in so many ways. It gives them a chance to get closer to nature and the world around them. Gives them fresh air and sunshine. And encouraged them to be more active strengthening muscles and bones as they run, jump, laugh and ride.

A balance bike is the perfect kids ride on for outdoor adventures and can be used from when children are quite little. There are even trike versions that require less of an ability to balance, although you might be surprised how quickly they pick this up.

And of course, all these ride on toys are great for playing in the garden when the weather is fine. And let's face it unless you have massive rooms the kids are going to prefer playing where they have a bit more room to manoeuvre.

Riding is perfect for motor skill development

Playing with a ride on toy helps children develop lots of key motor skills. Figuring out how to make the thing move will get lots of neural pathways buzzing as they not only have to master how to make their body move the way they want it to but how that affects the vehicle they are sitting on.

You might have noticed that kids often move backwards first when they are learning. But they will quickly figure out how to make it go in the direction they wish to travel and how to steer their new toy around obstacles that arrive in their path.

Toys children ride are also great for helping children learn coordination as they need to make their arms and legs work together to get where they want to go.

Ride-on toys teach children balance

Learning to balance is vital for children and having a toddler ride on is the perfect way to help them even before they are able to actually ride it. Scooting around on a toy car, scooter or balance bike requires children to constantly adjust their position to maintain their balance and move in the direction they want to go.

This constant adjustment builds muscle strength and endurance as well as strengthening their core and improving sensory processing. A balance board is also great for this and a wonderful way to keep kids active indoors. Another great thing about the Wobbel is that they are weight tested to 200kg meaning adults can join in too. We think this alone makes them worth the price tag.

Even before they can propel a ride on toy sitting on it and gripping the handlebars will help them develop balance and build muscle strength in their legs, core, arms and hands. And other older toddlers a balance bike is a great way of learning to ride a bicycle balance first so by the time they get to peddling they already have the skills to steer and keep themselves upright.

They allow kids independence and build self-confidence

Playing with a ride on toy requires children to figure out things for themselves. They have to teach themselves how to get on and off, and how to move from place to place. Problem-solving and decision making as they go. And this independent thinking is a valuable life skill for anyone.

Gaining this independence and self-confidence allows children the opportunity for exploration and adventure. Trying new stuff especially if there is an element of risk is a great way for children to develop their sense of adventure and it will massively boost their confidence when they master a new skill.

Learning to master a ride on toy whether its a scooter, a car or a balance bike also gives children a new found speed which they are sure to enjoy and a sense of independence as they can get places quickly without your assistance. Just make sure they are suitably protected. You might be surprised how much speed they can get up even without any pedals and gears.

Riding is great for creativity and imagination.

Give your child a ride on and you instantly give them the opportunity to imagine themselves in all sorts of situations and scenarios. They might be driving a tractor, a racing car, an ambulance or a bus.

Their ride on cars could be spaceships or fire trucks, diggers or rescue helicopters depending on the game. And this type of imaginative role play is great for encouraging creativity which will help them think outside the box and make them better able to handle all sorts of life situations.

Here are a few of our favourite ride-ons:

Indigo Jamm Bernies Ride-On Toy Bus

Indigo Jamm make wonderful toys that children adore. And this ride on bus is no exception. Suitable from 12 months this is a ride on toy and a walker in one. Little ones just finding their feet can hold on to the back of the bus and push it along. And when they are ready its got a second handle at the front so they can jump on and ride.

The bus has a little driver in the front and space in the back for passengers. And it’s a great toy for imaginative games long after they stop using it to move around on.

Big Jigs Giraffe Ride-On Toy

Bright and colourful the Big Jigs ride on Giraffe is the perfect ride-on toy for little ones. The fact that its a shape sorter as well gives lots of additional appeal and means its perfect for both fine and gross motor skills development. Toddlers can practice shape and colour recognition before they zoom off on an adventure.

Big jigs also make a ride on bunny which is also super cute with its big fluffy ears. Again it’s bright and colourful, is also a shape sorter and has grippy wheels and chunky handles to hold on to. These are solid toys that would make an excellent first birthday gift.

The Indigo Jamm Scoot

The Indigo Jamm Scoot, available in racing red, aqua racer and hearts, is a brilliant indoor ride on for little ones. A sit-down scooter, again it’s suitable from 12 months, and what we love about this, other than the super cool retro design, is the four multi-direction castor wheels. These make it really easy for kids to zoom about and steer in any direction they choose and is sure to get a good review from kids and parents alike.

There's even space under the seat for a bit of luggage, a favourite toy or for them to bring home groceries from the shop before cooking you a fabulous meal in their wooden toy kitchen.

Big Jigs ride on toy. My First Balance Bike

Once they have mastered four wheels then it’s time to move on to two. The Big Jigs My First Balance Bike comes in three colours, red, blue and pink, and is the perfect toddler ride on.

They’ll quickly develop the core strength and balance they need to reach impressive speeds. And mastering a balance bike will make learning to ride a pedal bike so much easier. Plus these are great for independence and will make getting from one side of the park to the other a breeze.

Smallfoot Speedster

This super cool balance bike is styled like a retro scooter and even comes with panniers!

Shop any of our toys, including riding toys and save on delivery when you spend over £40 on your order. Plus keep an eye out for offers and you might grab a bargain below the rrp. We offer a 30 day no quibble returns policy so you can buy online with confidence. 

Fantastic wooden ride on toys, and a balance board selection from Wobbel board.

As your child grows they will need new ways to motivate and interest them, keeping them physically and mentally stimulated. Gross motor development is important as it helps to shape children's future Physical health, posture and fitness.

Ride on toys that kids have to scoot along on under their own power provide a new way to get around. We also stock a fantastic range of Wobbel balance boards and a Plan toys balance board. These are amazing products that will help with all the components of fitness whilst your child is having fun through pretend and creative play.

Some key components of fitness are:

Balance - work on the ability to stand on one leg, sit on a bike without stabilisers, stand on tip-toes, this, in turn, will work the proprioceptive muscles and help to develop agility.
Stamina - building stamina with basic athletic training will ensure children are able to move around with ease for long periods of time without tiring.
Strength - As a baby learns to walk they will begin doing basic strength training on their legs ensuring their muscles are strong enough to carry them around.
Flexibility - Children are born naturally flexible it is advantageous to their future fitness to keep their bodies supple, with a wide range of motion.

We have a fantastic range of ride on toys from scooters to balance bikes and different ride on vehicles. Parents and children alike will love these beautiful wooden sets of wheels,. They provide a completely different level of pretend play for children to engage in and enjoy. kids vehicles don't have to be battery powered to provide hours of fun, and these gorgeous wooden toys are perfect examples. The Pintoy ride on car in red or silver will help kids develop direction control as they scoot around on the swivel wheels. Whereas the wonderfully bright array of scooters, balance bikes and tricycles that we stock help children develop the skills required for riding a bicycle. The fantastically versatile Wishbone three in one adjustable bike grows with your child. It begins on three wheels as a trike, then converts into a two-wheel bike. As parents ourselves we can guarantee you will love watching your children race around your house and garden at speed.

A Wobbel board is crafted from strong beechwood and promises to improve poise, fitness and sense of balance through movement and pretend play, predominantly indoors. The wobbel board is based on the traditional Waldorf arch board though is a stronger version and comes in many sizes and colours. Decorated with non-toxic water-based paints and with the option of a natural wool felt base, which provides a non-slip surface, whilst protecting your floors. The largest Wobbel boards have an upper weight limit of 200Kg. Loved by kids of all ages the different ways to play with these fantastic wobble boards are limitless. Challenge your child's imagination as they discover new abilities each time they use their wooden wobble board. You'll be astounded as they become circus performers performing all sorts of different balance exercises, use it on a sofa or chair as a slide, a bridge for children or toys to go over or under, or a base for balancing toy wooden building block creations on.

Using the Wobbel 360 balance disc children can spin on the pivot point in different directions, sitting and standing in all manner of different positions. This will help to develop core strength, agility, posture and range of motion.

The Plan Toys wobble board comes with an optional rope attached through it, this can be used to help with balancing, as a skipping rope or to pull each other along using the board as a sledge.

Physical therapy regularly uses a rocker board or balance disc to perform balancing board exercises in order to carry out strength training. This can improve core muscles, leg muscles and proprioceptive skills. A rocker board is great for rehabilitation of knee injuries, and ankle sprains which in turn will improve balance. Performing balance board exercises on a wooden balance board such as these is also a great way to treat vestibular disorders. Vestibular therapy is a specific form of physical therapy to improve balance and reduce dizziness. By completing balance exercises that involve engaging core muscles and transferring weight to a different center of gravity on a rocker board or pivoting on a balance disc, muscle memory and strength is greatly improved.

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