Rocking Horse


Rocking horses are staples in every nursery. They are great for developing coordination, balance and for strengthening those legs. It features wooden handles for your child's tiny hands. The cord version is crafted with tough corduroy as upholstery while the wooden version has a natural plywood finish. It also has a removable safety guard to keep your child safe while rocking the horse.

Our selection of rocking horses is made from high quality ethically sourced wooden materials. They are finished with non-toxic dyes, making them eco-friendly and safe for kids.

These rocking horses are great additions to any playroom and nursery.

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Early Development Tool

A rocking horse has been one of the most popular toys found in nurseries and playrooms for generations and there is no sign of this classic toy to go out of style, at least not soon. Kids find joy and excitement while pushing and pulling on top of a wooden horse. Your kid can spend hours rocking on while being in their own fantasy world.

This toy has timeless appeal. Its continued popularity in the age when digital gadgets are prevalent, just speaks volumes why this toy is still popular among kids and parents. Many people say that a nursery is not complete without a rocking horse. This toy offers a unique aesthetic and experience that set it apart from other toys.

Rocking back and forth on a toy horse is the most soothing and calming experience for most children. It does not overstimulate and relieves stress on kids. It also helps them learn appropriate coping strategies and fulfill some of their specific needs.

More than just toys, a toy horse helps with your childís early development. It helps young ones develop fine motor skills, coordination and balance. Children learn new motions while they rock on top of a rocking ride-on horse. Besides physical development, this toy is a powerful early learning tool too. Sparking creativity and stimulating your childís imagination using this toy early on are essential to a childís early development. These activities can lead to improved cognitive abilities for a well-developed mind and healthy growth.

Both parent and child can enjoy playing a wooden ride-on horse together. You can tell stories with imaginary dialogues and actions as you play. This kind of fun activity encourages interaction which can lead to improved language and communication skills.

This toy also promotes independent play. While this toy can be enjoyed in the company of others, most of the time your child will play alone. This helps your child develop an independent way of thinking which they will need to become successful in school.


There are 2 options to choose from, there is a cord version which features a tough corduroy upholstery with a wooden base and a wooden version made entirely from wood. Made from renewable materials like wood and finished with non-toxic water-based paint, each toy from our collection is eco-friendly and 100% safe for kids. Every toy conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.


Unlike most toys, a wooden horse does not have detachable parts. While most toymakers think of your childís safety when designing their toys, some children find a way to take some toys apart which is a choking hazard. A wooden horse also has a tactile nature and the wooden texture brings your child closer to nature.

A rocking ride-on horse is one of the most economical toys. Due to their sturdy construction and no required upkeep, your kidís wooden horse can be passed from one generation to the next. Itís easy to clean too.