Ruby cup are a fabulous socially ethical company.

How Do You Use a Ruby Cup

Using a menstrual cup like the Ruby Cup is generally a pretty simple process however it can take a few cycles to get used to using your new cup, discover all the benefits and really fall in love with your new cup.

For every menstrual cup purchased they donate a Ruby cup to a girl in need.

The Buy One, Give One programme means that a girl in a developing country will benefit from every Ruby Cup menstrual cup sold. The difference to them can mean access to education - something they may not otherwise have during their period without access to disposable sanitary products.

Not only are these medical grade silicone period cups eco-friendly they are a cost effective and safe alternative to tampons. Women are estimated to use around 12,000 disposable period pads in their lifetime so using a Ruby Cup menstrual cup significantly reduces plastic waste as it can last at least 10 years. Since Ruby Cup is reusable, you no longer have to buy disposable sanitary pads during your period each month which can result in long term savings.

A Ruby Cup is a soft menstrual cup made of 100% silicone that you insert in the vagina to collect your menstrual fluid. When used correctly they offer ease, comfort and convenience. They hold 3 x more fluid than a super tampon so you can go longer between changes, they are completely chemical and toxin free and they last for 10 years so they are much kinder to the planet and your wallet than disposables.

The cup sits in the vagina and is held in place by the muscles in the vagina and the gentle suction created when you put the cup in place. Ruby Cup is designed to sit low in the vagina and the small one in particular to choose if you have a low cervix.

Inserting a Ruby Cup

The first thing you need to do when you get your Ruby Cup or whichever other menstrual cup you might have chosen, is to sterilise it. This can be done using the Ruby Steriliser or simply by boiling for a few minutes in a pan or water.

Once you have sterilised your cup, allow it to cool and you are ready to go.

Inserting your cup can be done either just before you start your period, great if you know you are due on today and don’t want to get caught out, or when you have started bleeding. To insert the cup make sure you wash your hands first, then you need to fold the cup to make it easier to insert. You insert it like you would a non-applicator tampon. Once the cup is inside the vagina it will unfold and create a gentle suction that will keep it in place and prevent any leaks.

There are a variety of different folds you can use to insert your cup and it is worth experimenting with the different folds when you first start using a cup to find the one that works best for you.

Removing the Ruby Cup menstrual cup

As well as getting the hang of inserting the Ruby Cup you also need to get used to removing it. First of all before removing the cup you need to wash your hands, then sit, squat or raise one leg so you can find the bottom of the cup with your fingers.

When you locate the cup you need to pinch the bottom of it to release the suction as otherwise it can be difficult and uncomfortable to remove the cup. Then hold the cup firmly, remove it carefully, empty it, rinse it and reinsert it.

Occasionally you may find it difficult to release the seal, in which case you can slide your finger up the side of the cup and push it against the wall of the vagina. This can be messy but is a good option if the cup feels stuck.

Is Ruby Cup safe and comfortable?

Ruby cup menstrual cups are free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches. They are made from medical grade silicone.

A Ruby Cup menstrual cup is kinder to your body as it doesn't absorb, it just collects meaning it won't dry and irritate you like a tampon can. Some women report fewer cramps when using a ruby cup than they find they had with a tampon.

Ruby cup menstrual cups are great for those with a medium or low cervix and are a soft cup which is great if you have a sensitive bladder. If you are more physically active you may find a Ruby Cup menstrual cup is too soft for your needs, a firmer cup tends to be better for those more physically active.

How much does a ruby cup hold?

The capacity of a reusable menstrual cup is about three times that of a superabsorbent tampon, perfect for a heavier flow and overnight. Most women will find they can use a Ruby Cup menstrual cup for 12 hours without needing to empty the cup.

Do Ruby Cups save you money?

The cost may seem a lot, but a Ruby Cup menstrual cup can last ten years, and the initial outlay is equivalent to around 5-6 months of disposable products.

How Does Ruby Cup Work

A Ruby Cup, like any other menstrual cup works by collecting the menstrual fluid. The cup which is made of soft, flexible silicone, that is plastic, latex and toxin free, is inserted into the vagina as you would a tampon, where it collects rather than absorbs the blood which can then be emptied as required.

A Ruby Cup holds much more than a tampon, roughly the same as 3 super absorbency tampons actually, so you need to empty them less often than you would need to change a pad or tampon.

To insert the menstrual cup you fold it tightly and insert it like a tampon. It will then unfold in the vagina and should stay in place without you being able to really even feel it. If it is uncomfortable you may need to reinsert it or you may not have the correct size for your body. If you have a low cervix for example you will need a shorter cup and should opt for the small version.

Emptying the menstrual cup is easy and while you should sterilise the cup before and after your bleed there is no need to sterilise it during your period. Simply make sure you have clean hands and give the cup a rinse with clean water if you can.

If rinsing it is not an option because you are in a public toilet without a sink in the cubicle for example, you can clean the menstrual cup with tissue or simply empty it and reinsert it. Alternatively you can take a bottle of water into the cubicle with you and rinse it out that way.

Because a menstrual cup collects rather than absorbs the blood there is less likelihood of drying or irritation. And many women also experience lass cramping and a generally more comfortable and less painful period.

One benefit of a menstrual cup is that you can insert it just before your period begins meaning you are less likely to get caught out.

What is Special About the Ruby Cup?

Menstrual cups are great for a whole number of reasons. They are a great eco friendly reusable alternative to tampons, they last for years and they will save you money within a few months. But there is something about the way the company operates that makes Ruby Cup particularly special.

Ruby Cup is a company with a mission to enable all people to have their periods safely and with dignity regardless of income. This means that for every Ruby Cup sold another one is donated to someone in need with their buy one give one business model.

This means that for every menstrual cup sold there is a person who is given access to 10 years of worry free periods. Menstrual cups are perfect for women living in poverty as they are so easy to both use and clean. All you need is the ability to boil water and you can effectively sterilise the cup at the beginning and end of each cycle. Women don’t even need underwear.

And it’s not just the cup that is given. Ruby also delivers menstrual and reproductive health workshops to improve education.

What Are the Advantages of a Ruby Cup

Ruby Cup is a brand of menstrual cup made from 100% soft flexible silicone that is designed to give you safe, comfortable periods for 10 years. Menstrual cups are a reusable period product that you buy once and then use again and again.

As well as all the standard advantages of a menstrual cup, fuss free periods, reusable, eco-friendly and kind to your wallet, Ruby Cup has the added benefit of operating a buy one give one business. This means that for every cup they sell another cup is given to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

Benefits of a Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup

If you haven’t already made the switch to reusable period products there are lots of reasons why you might want to give them a go. Here are some great advantages of a Ruby Cup:

A Menstrual Cup Will Save You Money!

There are many reasons to switch to a menstrual cup but this is a pretty good one. A Ruby Cup should last you for 10 years. That’s 10 years of not having to buy pads or tampons every month, and ten years of not needing to go to the pharmacy or make any late night emergency trips to the 24 hour garage.

Ruby Cups are Better for the Environment

For all the personal advantages of using a menstrual cup the environmental benefit is a big one. Ruby Cups are made of 100% silicone which is non-toxic and good for people and the planet, and using a cup will remove the need for hundreds if not thousands of disposable products.

Less Changes Required

One of the big plus points of a menstrual cup like the Ruby Cup is that they have a bigger capacity than a tampon, infact a Ruby Cup can hold roughly the equivalent of 3 super tampons meaning you will need to change it less often.

Menstrual cups can also be worn for longer than tampons meaning if you don’t have a particularly heavy flow you can wear your cup for 12 hours at a time. That means you can sleep easier knowing there will be no leaks in the night. And you can go out for the day knowing you don’t have to worry about changes or leaks.

They Are Healthier For You

Choosing a menstrual cup over a tampon or even disposal towels has health benefits as well as financial and environmental ones. For a start they are toxin free meaning you’re not putting any toxic chemicals inside you. Plus they collect rather than absorb your menstrual flow meaning they are not drying the vagina.

Ruby Cup Give a Cup For Every Cup You Buy

One of the best things about choosing a Ruby Cup is that not only are you getting 10 years of fuss free periods but you are given that opportunity to someone else as well. There are so many people around the world who struggle to afford period products. Ruby Cup is trying to change that and we think that’s a big advantage.

How Long Does a Ruby Cup Last

Menstrual cups such as the Ruby Cup are the perfect reusable alternative to tampons. When properly cleaned and stored a ruby cup should last at least 10 years replacing hundreds if not thousands of tampons and dramatically reducing both the amount of waste you produce and the money you spend as a result of your monthly cycle.

The Ruby Cup like most menstrual cups is made from 100% soft medical grade silicone. This means it is toxin free, and contains no latex, bleach or plastics. The other benefit of using silicone is that it is an incredibly stable material that lasts a really long time and can withstand extremes of temperature. This is the same grade of silicone that is used during surgery and so with proper care there’s no real reason your cup couldn’t last more than ten years.

Silicone is a great material for menstrual cups as it is soft and flexible but also easy to clean as it can be sterilised by boiling in water. The only thing that can really damage a Ruby cup is sharp objects, so you need to be aware of that when storing your cup and make sure that the cup isn’t damaged as it would then need replacing early. As it will obviously not be effective if it has holes in.

The other reason you may need to replace your menstrual cup early is if you have a baby as many women find they need a different size after giving birth. But considering you are saving money with a Ruby Cup after just 5 or 6 months it’s generally worth getting one whatever stage in life you are at and replacing it if you need to. Plus, if you choose the larger cup to begin with because you have a heavy flow then you shouldn’t need to change it.

One reason people often think they have to replace their Ruby cup is discoloration of the silicone. Discoloration is normal over time and not a reason you should need to replace the cup providing it is otherwise in good condition.

How Often Do You Have to Change a Ruby Cup?

As well as wanting to know how long a menstrual cup will last over all women are also curious as to how often they should change their Ruby Cup.

A Ruby Cup will hold approximately the same amount of liquid as 3 super tampons meaning that for many women who don’t have a particularly heavy flow they could only need to change it every 12 hours or morning and evening which makes the cups incredibly convenient compared to other sanitary products.

The heavier your flow the more often you will need to empty the cup of course, but this will be less often than the frequency with which you needed to change a tampon. There is however advice that suggested you should empty a menstrual cup every 8 hours to prevent possible bacteria build up that could lead to toxic shock syndrome.

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