Ruby cup are a fabulous socially ethical company.

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Ruby Menstrual Cup Medium
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Ruby Menstrual Cup Small
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Ruby Cup Cleaner
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For every menstrual cup purchased they donate a Ruby cup to a girl in need.

The “Buy One, Give One” programme means that a girl in a developing country will benefit from every Ruby Cup menstrual cup sold. The difference to them can mean access to education - something they may not otherwise have during their period without access to disposable sanitary products.

Not only are these medical grade silicone period cups eco-friendly they are a cost effective and safe alternative to tampons. Women are estimated to use around 12,000 disposable period pads in their lifetime so using a Ruby Cup menstrual cup significantly reduces plastic waste as it can last at least 10 years. Since Ruby Cup is reusable, you no longer have to buy disposable sanitary pads during your period each month which can result in long term savings.

Is Ruby Cup safe and comfortable?

Ruby cup menstrual cups are free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches. They are made from medical grade silicone.

A Ruby Cup menstrual cup is kinder to your body as it doesn't absorb, it just collects meaning it won't dry and irritate you like a tampon can. Some women report fewer cramps when using a ruby cup than they find they had with a tampon.

Ruby cup menstrual cups are great for those with a medium or low cervix and are a soft cup which is great if you have a sensitive bladder. If you are more physically active you may find a Ruby Cup menstrual cup is too soft for your needs, a firmer cup tends to be better for those more physically active.

How much does a ruby cup hold?

The capacity of a reusable menstrual cup is about three times that of a superabsorbent tampon, perfect for a heavier flow and overnight. Most women will find they can use a Ruby Cup menstrual cup for 12 hours without needing to empty the cup.

Do Ruby Cups save you money?

The cost may seem a lot, but a Ruby Cup menstrual cup can last ten years, and the initial outlay is equivalent to around 5-6 months of disposable products.