Safety Razor Accessories

Looking for safety shaving accessories?

Wet shaving is the best way to get a close shave. We have all your wet shaving needs covered with our selection of premium safety razor blades, mugs and blade banks. You can find everything you need to start your new and safe wet shaving routine today!

Our products are designed by experts who know what it takes to achieve that perfect shave every time. They're made from high-quality materials so they'll last for years - not just weeks like other brands.

Eco Friendly Shaving Products Accessories

If you've made the switch to straight razors or a safety razor then now it's time to pair them up with some premium shaving products to fully get the many benefits wet shaving has to offer. . Our shaving accessories include spare safety razor blades, shaving brushes, shaving mug and a razor blade bank.

Shaving Mug or Bowl

A shaving mug is a bowl-shaped container made from stainless steel or ceramic. It is used to hold hot water in order to create a shaving lather using a shaving brush and a shaving soap or shaving cream.

Blade Bank

When you switch to using a safety razor you will need to replace your razor blades about every 5-7 blades. Read here for details on when to change your razor blades. You need to store your used blades safely before you can take them to recycling and a blade bank is ideal for that.

Shaving Brush

Our guide on how to use a shaving brush goes into detail on why you need these and which ones to choose! We have a selection of vegan shaving brushes for you to choose from.

Razor Blades!

No wet shaving routine would be complete without spare safety razor blades!

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