Safety Razor Kits

Looking for the perfect safety razor set?

We have some of the best safety razor kits on the market! Our products are made from high-quality materials that will last for years. Plus they make great gifts for any occasion! Choose between traditional or contemporary designs, as well as different finishes including ebony, ivory and bright chrome.

You can find everything for your shaving needs here at Baba Me. Our shaving and safety razor kits come with all the essentials so you can start shaving right away. No more searching around for your favorite blades or shaving soaps because we've got it all here for an affordable price. Whether you're looking for yourself or someone else, we have something perfect just waiting to be discovered by your fingertips today!

Benefits of Shaving Kits

The many benefits of buying a ready made shaving set is that:

  • the shaving accessories will fit together perfectly
  • it's an ideal gift
  • we have customised some so we have a perfect set for everyone.
  • We have done the hard work for you, making sure that your shaving set will provide you with great shaves!

The wide variety of sets we have mean each shaving set is different. All are filled with the best quality safety razors and accessories. However, the accessories vary from a shaving brush, different soaps for different skin types and may include spare double edge razor blades, a blade bank or a shaving mug. We have a starter kit for everyone, designed to help you start wet shaving straight away!

For environmental reasons, we don't include shaving creams rather traditional shaving soap. A shaving cream tends to come packaged in unnecessary plastic packaging and you will get a much better lather with one of our handmade shaving soap.

We have a wide selection of safety razors from a rose gold safety razor to hot pink razors, we have something for everyone!

We only have vegan shaving brushes or synthetic shaving brushes, as we have decided against stocking boar hair or badger hair brushes.

Each of our kits will have one double edge safety razor along with razor blades.

The Norse Mach 3 kit is our only cartridge razor kit as we feel traditional safety razors are a lot more eco friendly.

Starter Kit

If you are just about to start shaving or indeed are ditching disposable razors to start wet shaving, our shaving sets are perfect for you. The benefits of opting for a wet shave is your get a very close clean shave which will reduce irritation in comparison to multi-blade disposables.

A shaving kit makes an ideal gift for anyone, including women! Don't think its just for men! We have some fabulous women's shaving sets which are ideal to anyone who wants to ditch plastic shaving. No more ingrown hairs when you move to single blade razors! 

With our amazing gift sets, we turn a daily chore into a hugely pleasurable experience. Just wet your soap with warm water and away you go! Safety razor shaving is making a huge come back and we can see why! So get your DE razor kit and start sustainably shaving today!

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