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Reusable Safety Razors - the Sustainable Way to Shave!

At Baba Me, we know that shaving can be hard on your skin, so it is important to pick the right tools for the job. This means using a safety razor to get the perfect close shave over plastic disposable razors; the benefits of which will leave you with healthier, smoother, softer skin and zero waste! We offer a range of reusable razors that are zero waste and plastic-free - perfect for the planet and you!

With our safety razor, you won't have to worry about nicks or cuts ever again. It's also easy to clean - simply run it under hot water after every use! Plus, the handle comes in different colours so you can choose one that matches your style perfectly.

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Is It Better To Shave With A Safety Razor?

A close and comfortable shave without the waste.

Shaving is probably where we all started. How many of us picked up razors in the bathroom as a teenager and shredded our leg or suffered from razor burns? Shaving is a quick way to remove hair and it's easily done in the shower or bath using safety razors.

Achieve a close, clean, cut free shave with traditional eco-friendly safety razors. Not only will safety razors save you money and significantly cut down on your plastic waste, but reviewers also agree using safety razors for beard care routine gives the best shave of your life. Plus they are handcrafted in the UK.

What is a double edge safety razor?

A double edge razor or DE razor is also called a safety razor. There are two main types of razors: the traditional is a double edge with a handle and a metal head which comes apart in two pieces.

Double edge safety razors have only one blade which you replace when used. The used blade is made from stainless steel and is easily recycled.

Other Types of Razors

The other type is the cartridge razor, where there's one piece of plastic housing multiple blades. Whilst these are more common nowadays, they have led to a huge plastic pollution problem, as they cannot easily be recycled due to the mixed materials on the razor head so are causing damage to the environment.

A closed comb razor is suitable for beginners or anyone with sensitive skin. The closed comb provides a smooth, safe shave that won't irritate your skin the way other razors might. This is one of our most popular razor types because it provides a superior shave without being too aggressive on the face.

An open comb safety razor has teeth along the blade so a little more care must be taken when shaving with it. The open comb is suited to experienced wet shavers who have a thick beard and need a blade that can cut through it without too much effort - this razor has 'teeth' to help you get the job done quickly and gives the closer shave!

A straight razor has a single blade that is sharp on the front and backside of the razor. Straight razors are tougher to use than safety razors because they require more skill but provide an incredibly close shave and in recent years they have gone out of fashion.

A butterfly razor has a handle that is split down the middle and can be folded out to reveal the blade for cleaning and sharpening. These razors require less skill to use and usually fold up into a compact size which makes them great for travelling with.

Many Benefits of a Shaving With a double edge razor

You know shaving is a pain, but you're tired of paying for expensive cartridge razors that keep breaking and giving you cuts and stay in landfills for hundreds of years.

Double edge safety razors are the answer to your problems. They provide a close shave without the cost or wastefulness of disposable cartridges. Plus they last forever with proper care and cleaning. You need to replace your razor blades probably after every 5-7 shaves, but these cost pennies and are steel so fantastic material to recycle.

Whilst razor marketing gurus would try and convince us that you can't get a great shave with a single blade, actually, the opposite is true! If you have normal to sensitive skin, you'll find that the single blaade is more effective than cartridge razors at preventing ingrown hairs and razor burn.

This is due to the fact that double edge razors use only one blade at a time instead of multiple cartridges, so there's less irritation as less likelihood of facial hairs getting stuck between blades and being tugged. After a safety razor shave your face will feel super smooth!

Sustainable Materials in Premium Shaving Products

Double edge safety razors are usually made from sustainable materials. The razor handle has traditionally been made from stainless steel but modern materials include bamboo and biodegradable cornstarch. The cutting blade is always made from steel.

Double edged razors are also much more economical and you will save money using them in the long run. You only need to buy a razor once! Whilst they initially might be more expensive, you will no longer have to worry about cartridges not fitting the razor handles anymore!

When using double edge safety razors always remember that you let the weight of the handle do the work. No need for an aggressive shave to achieve a close, smooth shave. Just have the angle at 30 degrees from the skin and let the weight glide the blade to remove stubble and hairs easily which will really reduce irritation.

A shaving brush can be used for maximum lather and smoothness when shaving. We recommend using shaving soap instead of shaving creams to prevent further plastic pollution.

Shaving Needs

We've hand-picked our favourite double edge safety razors from all over Europe so you can get a great deal on these eco-friendly products while reducing your plastic waste in one fell swoop! If you are looking to go zero waste then also ditch shaving creams for shaving soap, another great eco friendly swap! A natural soap will give you a clean shave whilst also helping stop shaving irritation as its full of natural moisturising ingredients that help form protective barrier, making the whole shaving experience much more pleasurable.

Razor kits include everything needed to start enjoying this classic shaving technique including safety razors double edge blades, brushes, stands, bowls but not shaving cream or gel! Browse our selection today and find the perfect gift for him or her - we ship with free uk delivery over £40!

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