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safety razor

We have found a fantastic safety razor, made in the UK that will allow you a close, clean, gentle shave without throwing away plastic razors. Plus 100% natural shaving soaps, balms and oils to keep your skin at itís the best.

Achieve a close, clean, cut free shave with a traditional eco-friendly safety razor. Not only will a safety razor save you money and significantly cut down on your plastic waste, reviewers agree using a safety razor for beard care routine gives the best shave of your life. Plus they are handcrafted in the UK.

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Norse Mach 3 Shaving Set
Ladies Shaving Kit
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The Bearded Man gift
£60.00   £52.50
Norse Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome
Norse Double Edge Safety Razor Ebony
Norse Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory
Norse Shaving Brush Ebony
Norse Shaving Brush Ivory
Norse Shaving Brush Tortoise
And Personal Ladies Shave Oil
Norse shaving soap Bergamot
Norse Vegan Shaving Soap Sandalwood
Lamazuna Shaving Bar
£12.50   £8.00

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Traditional Shaving Brush

If you are after a traditional wet shave then we stock everything you need, including some of the best shaving brushes available on the market. You can choose between vegan friendly synthetic bristles or traditional badger hair. Either of which will get a great lather from our 100% natural shaving soaps for the best possible shave.

Shaving Kits for Men

For many men shaving is a daily task, (And for those who sport a beard we have lots of fabulous beard care as well) so why not make it as good as it possibly can be. Both in terms of the quality of the shave and by using 100% natural products and eco-friendly safety razor and shaving brushes hand made in the UK. A shaving kit which includes a safety razor and other beard care essentials for men makes a perfect gift.

Natural Luxury Shaving Soap

We believe that the products you use on your skin every day should be 100% natural, and as luxurious as possible. Our range of shaving soap is just that. Carefully formulated with high quality natural ingredients for the most gentle, closest shave possible. This shaving soap goes well after shaving using a safety razor.

Natural Hair Removal - Go Zero Waste with a safety razor or choose natural sugaring wax

Removing unwanted body hair can be a messy and time-consuming business. There are many hair removal techniques, shaving, dissolving the hair, epilation, laser light, waxing and sugaring.

We have carefully selected products that will help you to avoid ingrown hairs, protect your sensitive skin and make hair removal easy and pleasant to do like our collection of safety razor and shaving kits.

How to Use a Safety Razor

In the Beginning

Shaving is probably where we all started. How many of us picked up a safety razor in the bathroom as a teenager and shredded our leg or suffered from safety razor burns? Shaving is a quick way to remove hair and it's easily done in the shower or bath using a safety razor.

It tends to need done often as regrowth isn't long in showing.


When using a safety razor, preparation is key and the right tools will help you avoid the burn and cuts.

We recommend you use a safety razor. Not only is it better for you but they are better for the environment too.

Shaving oil is a must and works well with a safety razor when shaving. It lubricates your skin, ensuring that the blade glides over and only cuts the hair.

Massage your natural shaving oil into your skin where you want to remove hair using a safety razor.

This is a pre shave treat for your skin before using a safety razor. It softens the hair and the essential oil will give you a comfortable shave.

Hold the skin taut and shave using your safety razor in the direction of the hair growth for a good close shave.

The essential oils in the shaving oil will treat your skin and keep it protected even after you've shaved using a safety razor.

We decided to offer you a sugaring system instead of wax as we felt that waxing is best left to the professionals in a spa or salon.

We haven't brought you just any old sugaring system, we have brought you the sugar wax that has been the number one sugaring product in the UK for over 25 years!

Sugar stripease was stocked by the body shop. Sold under their own label, it outsold every other sugaring system in the UK. This natural sugar system has won many industry awards over the years and now we are very proud to be bringing it directly to you.

The ingredients are 100% natural and vegan. The kit comes with reusable fabric strips and wooden application spatulas.

This sugaring hair removal system is ultra gentle on skin but tough on hair.

This body sugaring paste can be used on the upper lip, bikini area, under arms, legs and arms.

Virtually Painless
Sugaring hair is virtually painless. The sugaring wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin and effortlessly removes it.

Hair removal strips are included in the kit.

Warm the sugar paste in the microwave for the directed amount of time then apply the sugaring product in the natural direction of hair growth, smooth on the reusable fabric strip and quickly strip it away from the skin.

A quick tip is to check the temperature of the sugar paste on your inner wrist before applying to any sensitive areas.

It shouldn't feel hot, it should be skin temperature.

Because the sugaring products don't adhere to the skin, the chance of reddening or sensitivity is reduced.

Excess sugar paste can be removed by rinsing in warm water. (another advantage over traditional waxing)

Because Sugaring is 100% natural, it is a system that we would recommend for your teens. We know that they will be shaving and attempting hair removal and it's probably best if we as parents can take the initiative, recognise that they might choose to remove their body hair and show them the safe and responsible ways to do so.

Benefits of Using a Safety Razor

A safety razor is economical.

Replacement blades for a safety razor come cheap so if you buy in bulk, you will not hesitate to toss them after use.

Better shave with a safety razor

Since youíre mostly in control of the angle and pressure, you will have a far smoother and better shave with a safety razor.

A safety razor does not cause skin issues.

Unlike cartridge razors that cause razor burns, a safety razor cuts hair level with your skin which results in less redness post shave.

Safety razors are eco-friendly.

A safety razor biodegrade quickly compared to cartridge razors, which are some of the most common plastic waste in our landfills and oceans.

If you are looking for durable safety razor and double edge safety razor, look no further than our collection.