Seedball offer a simpler way to grow from seeds.

Bee-friendly Wildflower by Seedball

Seedball carefully selected the species of wildflowers in their product line up to make sure that these wildflowers are bee-friendly and are highly recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Most of these seed balls flower during early to late summer.

You can use seedball to grow wildflowers in your garden, a window box or wherever you want to see more beautiful insect friendly flowers. The different Seedball varieties allow you to choose the perfect flowers for you whether you want to attract bees and butterflies, need flowers that are happy growing in the shade, or want to grow culinary herbs or cooking and cocktails.

Each seedball contains seeds and peat-free compost, and a tiny pinch of chilli to deter slugs, encased in a clay ball that protects the seeds from birds and insects whilst they germinate. You will have a garden full of wildflowers in no time because these seed balls are easy to use. One seedball is approximately 1cm in diameter. Simply scatter your seedball, water and wait.

These little seedball tins make the perfect gift for children and adults alike and would make fabulous wedding favours or teacher gifts.