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shared earth

Shared Earth - Eco-Friendly and Fairly Traded

They are one of the UK's leading suppliers of fair trade and ethical gifts.

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Shared Earth Sewing box, three tiers
£39.99   £20.00
Shared Earth Crayons Frame (3''x3'')
Shared Earth Suncatcher 5 Owls
Shared Earth Teak Root Recycled T-Light Holder 3 Tier
£22.00   £11.00
Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid 15cm
£29.99   £9.00
Shared Earth 3 Hearts frame
£12.99   £6.50
Shared Earth Rainbow Ceramic Soapdish
£5.99   £3.00
Shared Earth Gift Card - Home Sweet Home
Shared Earth Gift Card - The Happy Hare
Shared Earth Jute Bag - Flamingos Large
£6.99   £2.10
Personalised Worry Dolls
£2.75   £0.83

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Ethical Goods

And we love the range. Trading fairly means craftsmen and artisans are supported, their skills are kept alive and their livelihoods are protected.

They always pays 50% upfront to producers allowing them to make the products without going into debt. They ensure good working conditions, commit to long term stable relationships and ensure against child labour. We've chosen a great selection of their homeware and gifts that we think you’ll love.