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Natural Shaving Soap That Is Kind To Your Skin

Our natural vegan shaving soaps are made with the best quality ingredients. They're handcrafted, eco-friendly and made with vegan, cruelty-free, and natural ingredients. These vegan shave soaps reduce the likelihood of irritation and inflammation while providing a clean and smooth shave. Shave the greener way!

Our sustainable shaving soaps are completely free from parabens and SLS, which is not only good for your skin but also for the environment around us! Shave the eco and more environmentally conscious way as all supplied in zero waste, plastic-free packaging.

Organic Shaving Soaps Have Many Benefits

If we haven't convinced you yet to go out and ditch the shaving cream and swap it for hard shaving soap, here are other benefits that should finally convince you:

Hard Shaving Soap Has A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Solid shaving soaps do not contain water like regular shampoos or shaving gels. Because of this, they are more concentrated which makes them ideal for travelling and also better for the environment. Less water means less Co2!

It's good for the environment.

Shaving soaps reduce waste because they're usually not packaged in multiple plastic containers (like cream or gel), they are usually packaged in compostable cardboard or paper. You can also get a shaving soap refill which is even less waste!

Cream Soap Gives you A Rich Lather

A Better, consistent Lather comes from our luxurious shaving soaps. Shaving soaps retain their temperature longer than water-based products, which means that you'll get a better lather in the process.

Closer More Comfortable Shave

The lubricating lather is more consistent and rich, and it won't immediately break down like the water-based varieties. That means that you'll get a nice close shave without having to rub it into your skin more than necessary - saving time and energy in the long run!

It's good for sensitive skin.

Traditional shaving creams and gels are loaded with chemicals that can irritate your skin, but the shaving soap is made of natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils which don't affect most people. These means they are also suitable for daily use. 

Shaving Soap Softens & Lifts the Beard

Men's shaving soaps soften and raise the beard for a clean, close shave. Shaving soap offers extra glide, lubrication and protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn.

Shaving Soap is Moisturing

A good quality solid soap shaving bar leaves the skin feeling ultra-smooth and moisturised, providing a luxurious lather and should be suitable for all skin types. Soaps contain fatty acids which provide a good barrier to the skin and lock in moisture, which is why men who use shaving soaps have softer skin. You will love the post-shave feel when you have used one of our natural shaving products.

Shaving Soaps is economic

You might think a bar of soap isn't going to last very long since it takes a while for you to work up a lather for use with wet shavers, but when you compare the price with shave gels and creams, you might be surprised to see that using any of our wonderful shaving soaps actually works out to be more cost-effective. Shave for shave they work out much cheaper than shaving sticks, shaving creams or shaving gels.

How do you use shaving soap?

First off, wet your face and the soap to help soften up your bristles. Then load a damp brush with a small amount of soft soap until there's enough on the tips - not too much that it's dripping! When you're ready to go, work up a nice rich lather by swirling your moistened brush across the surface of the hard soap. Once the brush is loaded up, apply it to your face in circular motions until you get that perfect lather then begin shaving!

Make sure that the bristles have access to water during the loading process, so don't be afraid of re-loading your brush a few times if necessary. This step is especially important if you're using a traditional shaving soap with a glycerin base because it's more difficult to lather but less important with our vegan shaving soaps.

How do you use a shaving brush?

Using a shaving brush is the best way to make lather with a solid shaving soap bar. It's a straightforward process and doesn't require any additional equipment, all you need is a shaving bowl (many prefer a wooden bowl but anything will do really), water and your lathering tool - which for this purpose can be either your shaving brush or your hand.

Soak the bristles of the brush with water, either by running it under some warm water yourself or dipping it into a bowl. Keep the brush in this position for several seconds to ensure that it's absorbed enough water before you start loading up with soap.

Load your shaving brush with soap by using circular motions on the soap puck, working up a lather until the bristles are sufficiently covered. If you've loaded enough soap in the brush, it should be creating lather in your bowl or on your face. If this isn't the case, reload the brush with another layer of soap and try again until you have a nice lathering result.

Shaving brushes provide an even coating of shaving soap which will give you an awesome shave every time. Using a shaving brush is like giving your face a full-body workout! As well as exfoliating your face, it also stimulates fine hair follicles making them stand up straighter so they are easier to shave off

Is shaving soap better than shaving cream?

Soap is often made from a variety of natural ingredients which have benefits for our skins such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oils!

People prefer a good quality shaving soap over shaving cream because it does so much more than act as a lubricant. It also moisturizes the skin making it soft and smooth. Shaving cream will leave your face coated in chemicals, which may leave you with skin irritation, dryness or acne.

Shaving soap is also longer lasting than the cream meaning you can use less product with better results. Since it's solid, it won't spill which means no wasted product!

What is the best men's shaving soap?

If you don't have sensitive skin, any of our natural luxury shaving soaps which are triple milled will do a fabulous job. Many people prefer the luxurious sandalwood base for scent. Sandalwood helps with dry skin, acne and irritations. It's also popular because it gives a nice mild lather that isn't overpowering so the scent of the soap doesn't linger - perfect for those times you might be out after work! We love this from one of our favourite shaving companies, Norse Shaving.

best men's shaving soap

Best Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is more sensitive try the Mutiny Shaving aloe vera shaving soap - it's one of our most popular vegan friendly shaving soaps for people with sensitive skin. This Aloe Vera shaving soap, which is handmade using the traditional cold process and 100% natural components, is designed for people with sensitive skin. It lathers and smells wonderful, providing a smooth moisturizing, cushioned layer for your shave. Aloe vera is great for sensitive skin. It's also very hydrating and helps with inflammation, which is why many shaving soaps for sensitive skin contain aloe vera.

best shaving soap for sensitive skin

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