Should You Buy a Nativity Set?

Christmas is almost here and some people are so excited with the Yuletide season that they already started putting up their annual decorations. Of course, you do not need to buy Christmas decorations like wooden nativity sets to get the feeling of the celebration. It is entirely optional especially if you are tight on funds. However, nativity sets bring holiday cheer and more excitement to the anticipation during the days leading up to Christmas day.

Nativity sets are totally worth it. You actually do not need to buy anything expensive or spend beyond your Christmas decorating budget to feel the spirit of Christmas. There are many simple and affordable nativity sets that are just as good as the expensive ones. After all, Christmas is not about how much you spent on your Christmas decorations but rather it is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

If you are thinking of buying a Christmas decoration but cannot decide which one to buy, we highly recommend buying a wooden nativity set especially if you have children. Nativity sets designed for children are durable enough to withstand rough play. These nativity figures do not break easily so your children can play with them as often as they want.

Children are fascinated with nativity figures and you can use these sets to teach them the true meaning and message of Christmas. You can also use nativity figures to teach your children about basic colours because these set pieces often come in bright colours. Colour recognition is important to develop at an early age because everything around us is made of colour. This ability also helps for better visual discriminiation which is the ability to recognise details in visual images.

Nativity sets for children are also good for imaginative play. They can recreate nativity scenes and engage in fun and compelling storytelling. They can use their imagination and creativity when playing with these sets. For instance, they can make the camels and sheeps talk. Imagination and creativity are important for developing solid problem solving skills. Some problems and challenges are solved through creativity, imagination and innovation. Children with well-developed imagination and creativity also tend to experiment more and explore new ideas. These are some of the foundations of innovation, new discoveries and advancement of technology.

Playing with nativity sets and repositioning each nativity figure also help children develop another set of foundational skills - hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. These two skills are essential to completing simple tasks like writing, eating using a spoon and fork, cutting paper with a pair of scissors, buttoning and zipping. When children use their hands to hold and move objects, they develop and practice their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Recreating the nativity scene through the use of nativity sets allow children to engage in fun spiritual story storytelling. Tell your children about the story of nativity and let them retell the same story using their own words. Doing so builds their self-confidence, expands their vocabulary and develops their communication and language skills.


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