Should You Buy Tenderleaf Toys?

tenderleaf toys

Yes, definitely! Tenderleaf toys are totally worth it. They are one of the most popular toy brands, known for the selection of high quality wooden toys. Children love playing Tenderleaf Toys because these toys are simple and fun. Parents love buying these toys for their kids because they are good for early learning and development.

Reasons to buy Tenderleaf Toys

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Good for early development
  • Huge selection and range

Eco-friendly and safe

As parents, we want our children to play with the safest toys available. You really canít price on safety and choosing age-appropriate toys is the right decision to make. While we are often tempted to buy fancy-looking toys, they are not always the safest around. But when you buy Tenderleaf toys, you are guaranteed to have a peace of mind knowing that you are buying some of the safest toys. All Tenderleaf toys are finished with non-toxic paint and undergo rigorous quality checks to make sure that every toy conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.

From conceptualisation to finishing touches, the entire manufacturing process is done in-houseTenderleaf toys are made from sustainable reclaimed rubber wood which is a by-product of the latex industry. For each rubber tree that is cut down to be made into Tenderleaf toys, a new tree is being planted.

Buying wooden toys like Tenderleaf toys is a good way of setting your children on a path of sustainability. Sure, some plastic toys are more widely available and at times cheaper than wooden toys but if you think about the environmental implications of plastics then you would have to think twice before buying any plastic toy.

Good for early development

Toys should not only be fun to play but also good for early learning and development. This is the core design philosophy of Tenderleaf toys and each of their toys reflect this. Interestingly, their toys are simple but offer enormous developmental value. Children have the freedom to play whatever they want, however they want. They are not bound to a single play style or rule. This is particularly good for sparking a childís imagination and creativity. Children that make good use of their imagination and creativity develop solid problem solving skills. Good problem solving skills help children navigate everyday life and help them face challenges and problems.

Additionally, most Tenderleaf toys come in bright colours. You can use these toys to teach your children about colours and help them with their colour recognition skills.

Huge selection and range

For their price, Tenderleaf toys are worth every penny. Furthemore, they have a wide selection of high quality toys. Whether your child loves to role play as a farmer or want simple puzzles, there is a toy for every child.

Tenderleaf has toys for every type of play. If your child loves animals, you can start a wooden animal collection. They also have a wide range of role play toys for budding chefs, children that love dolls and wannabe farmerís market vendors.

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