Should You Eat Chocolates?


Chocolates are among the most consumed foods in the world. Everybody loves eating them, be it dark, milky or white. Guests at your house would never say no to a tray of chocolates on their table.

But have you wondered what makes chocolate so popular? It’s the goodness of cocoa and cacao which is packed with energy, antioxidants and many nutrients that our body needs to keep us healthy and fit!

Is chocolate actually good for our bodies?

Chocolate can be a healthy food. In fact, chocolate in its purest form is rich in antioxidants. Our body needs antioxidants to fight free radicals, which are molecules that could potentially alter our body’s function and chemistry.

However, most of the chocolates available on the market have been heavily processed. This means chocolate loses most of the reasons that make it a healthy food. And they contain high amounts of sugar and fat but with less actual chocolate. This is the reason why many people consider chocolate as unhealthy.

Too much sugar and fat is bad for our health. Eating too much chocolate that contains sugar and fats beyond the daily recommended intake could lead to more serious health problems like hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. Chocolate is also often cited as among the most leading causes of obesity.

Dark chocolate which is the closest to chocolate’s purest form contains the most amount of antioxidants and flavanols. Flavanols help improve our body’s blood flow and can potentially lower blood pressure.

There are health benefits to eating chocolate. But if you’re not eating pure chocolate, which by the way tastes bitter, then you should eat chocolate in moderation. And even if you’re into dark chocolates you should still stop yourself from overeating chocolates.

Chocolates are still loaded with calories, sugar and fat. The darker the chocolate, the bitter it tastes but the less sugar it contains.

Most of us crave chocolate from time to time and that’s totally normal. However, we should also look after our bodies. Before buying a bar of chocolate, always check its nutritional facts and look for the list of its ingredients.

Many chocolate makers label their chocolate bars based on cocoa content. A good example of this is dark chocolate. Most dark chocolate starts at 75% cocoa content.

Interestingly, white chocolate is not considered chocolate. While it’s made from cocoa butter, it does not contain chocolate solids.

Choose fair trade chocolates

If you want to indulge yourself, we highly recommend choosing chocolates made from fair trade ingredients. These chocolates are made from the same ingredients as most regular chocolates, except these ingredients are ethically sourced.

These chocolates are considered better than regular chocolates simply because they’re made from better ingredients. They often contain more cocoa butter and cocoa beans than usual which is always a good thing. However, you should keep in mind that these chocolates still contain sugar albeit natural and organic.

Most of them are gluten free and palm oil free. They can be vegan-friendly too.

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