Simple Arts and Crafts Ideas for Children

Nurture your children’s creative spirit and spark their imagination with these fun and simple arts and crafts ideas. These projects are easy to make and most of the supplies you need are widely available in hobby shops or just lying around in your house. Start these projects with your children and have fun bonding together.


Mosaic art looks intimidated and complicated for beginners but it is actually easy to make even for children. You do not need special art supplies either. You can buy mosaic art kits from hobby shops and they are relatively cheap due to their popularity. But if you want to take the DIY route, all you need is coloured papers, scissors, glue and a board. If you have old magazines and newspapers lying around, you can use them as well.

You and your child can do a mosaic art project together and this sounds like a very good bonding opportunity. Start by cutting your coloured paper into small squares or tiles. This is a good practice of his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Once you have enough squares or tiles for your mosaic project, ask your child to glue individual squares into the board. Let your child decide on the pattern he wants. If this is his first time doing mosaic art, make a suggestion to glue the squares on a straight line with each row having different patterns.

Paper Jellyfish

A paper jellyfish is relatively easy to make and your children will definitely love making one. Gather art supplies you need which includes a paper bowl, tissue paper or crepe paper or coloured paper, paint brush and paint (water colour or coloured pencils), string, glue and pencil.

Start by punching a hole at the center of the bowl using the sharp end of the pencil. Let your children paint the outside of the bowl with their favourite colours and allow them to decide on the design they want. Create the tentacles of the jellyfish by cutting long strips of crepe paper, tissue or coloured paper. Tie one of the string to a paper clip then insert the free end of the string through the center hole of the paper bowl. Glue the tentacles of the jellyfish one at a time. Make some more and use these paper jellyfishes as playroom or nursery decorations!

Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are dolls made from wooden pegs. You can buy sets of unpainted peg dolls which are good for arts and crafts projects. Your art supplies depend on how you want to proceed with your peg doll project. You can buy non-toxic acrylic paints from hobby shops to use for paint details and outlines of your peg dolls. Other supplies you might need are yarn, coloured paper, unused fabric scraps. The good thing about peg doll projects is that there is no limit on what you can do. If your child loves pirates, then he can make a set of peg doll pirates and design them based on his taste and imagination.


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