Simple Guide to Using Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes can be used for many activities, from using them as baby wipes to makeup wipes and much more.

Many parents consider using reusable baby wipes when they start using cloth nappies. It makes sense, if you are using reusable nappies and washing them, it's a natural progression to using reusable wipes. If not, you end up with having your nappy in your nappy bucket or bag, then left with disposable baby wipes in your kitchen bin.

When advising parents on using cloth nappies, I always tell them that they might as well use reusable baby wipes. It might not be something they have considered but they do go hand in hand with nappy use. In the parents initial mindset, baby wipes are disposable and should be thrown away. But once you consider the benefits of using nappies, then using wipes is just the next logical step.

There are different types of reusable baby wipes, some are just terry flannel, some have fleecy sides, some have cotton jersey sides. All have their benefits and advantages and sometimes it just comes down to having pretty patterns which you like.

Size is important. Personally I prefer bigger baby wipes which you can completely cover your hand with. Some are quite small and whilst they might be good for some jobs, I just like a good large square!

How to use

There are two methods to using reusable wipes. You can either dry store and wet when needed, or have them soaking ready to go. There are pros and advantages to either method and it really is a personal choice.

If you are using the dry store method, then simply store your wipes in a suitable bag or container. Anything really will do. When you go to change your baby (or clean their hands or face or whatever), then either wet the wipe with lukewarm water under a tap, or use a spray bottle and spray either the bum or the wipe or both!

Wet Soaking Wipes

This involves having your wipes wet and ready to go. Use a suitable container like a lunch box and put in a tiny amount of water and some cleaning agent. For the agent you can really use anything you prefer. Alternatively you can use something like chamomile tea which is very soothing on a baby's bum. Then put your wipes (enough for 1 day) in the solution, and voila wet wipes ready to go. Every day you should make up a fresh batch of wipes & solution as unless you use preservatives, it will go stale and off.

Avoid using oils in the mixture you make up if you are washing your reusable baby wipes with nappies. Oils can cause repelling issues on nappies.

Small Wet Bags for Wipes

Small wet bags are the natural partner of wipes. You can store your dry or wet wipes in them and have them handy for when you are out and about as it might not be always handy to bring a lunch box full of wipes with you, and you might not have access to running water. Again, with any soiled wipes, just throw them in with your dirty nappies to be washed.


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