Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Ice Cream Cart Set

simple tips for choosing the best ice cream

If your children love delicious treats, then we highly suggest buying them an ice cream cart playset. These toys are fantastic toys in terms of entertainment and developmental value. Children love pretend play and imaginative play will be an important part of their childhood. Children can benefit from imaginative play in so many ways. Ice cream cart toys are perfect toys to encourage imaginative play.

These toys come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours. Too many options to choose from can overwhelm buyers but do not worry. We made a guide on how to choose the best ice cream cart set.

Safety Concerns

Keep in mind that toys included in ice cream cart playsets are most likely to be eaten. This means you have to make sure that every toy piece is safe even if your child puts it into her mouth. One thing to consider is the material of the playset. For instance, it is a lot safer to choose wooden ice cream cart toys instead of plastic because wood is a natural resource and does not come with the same toxic chemicals found in plastic toys like PVC or polyvinyl chloride, BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates and more. These harmful chemicals are considered as hormone disruptors and could cause serious health problems like diabetes, heart problems and more. Some of these toys made from plastic are marketed as BPA-free. However several studies revealed the opposite. These toys still contained enough amounts of BPA that they are still considered dangerous.

There are still a few things to consider when buying wooden ice cream cart toys. Make sure that the toys you want do not have sharp edges and rough surfaces to avoid splinters. Additionally, buy only toys that are age-appropriate. Toys that are too advanced for your child’s age may include detachable pieces that are potential choking hazards and your child might have difficulty figuring out how to play the toy which could lead to frustration instead of fun.


We love wooden toys in general so we highly recommend buying wooden ice cream cart toy playsets. These toys are made from sustainable and renewable materials. Buying toys that are eco-friendly is our simple way of setting a good example to children to live sustainably. Moreover, we should minimise our dependence with any plastic because it is one of the leading causes of our planet’s devastation.

We should buy eco-friendly toys as much as possible to help save our environment. Plastic production is using huge amounts of resources and these resources are depleting fast. Not to mention, all the pollution that is being dumped into our environment during the production of plastic.

Another advantage of wooden ice cream cart toys is that you can use them as decoration when your children have moved on to other toys. Most wooden ice cream cart toys have minimalist design and come in bright colours.


Setting a budget before buying an ice cream cart toy is something you should consider. Doing so, limits your option to the budget you set which could make your toy shopping easier and more manageable. It also helps you avoid unnecessary spending. This is very helpful if you are on a tight budget.

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