Simple Ways to Clean Sorting Toys

There is no wonder why parents and children love sorting toys. Children love playing these toys because they are simple yet so fun to play. Parents love letting children play these toys because of their developmental value. Children learn through play and it is important to allow children to have fun while learning. As parents, you would want your children to play with toys that help them develop skills.

When children are enamored with their toys, they play them almost everyday. And after a few play sessions, these toys become dirty and grimy and covered with snot and dust. You do not want children to play with dirty toys because these toys could be covered with harmful germs and bacteria. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to clean toys regularly and properly.

How often you should clean sorting toys depends entirely on you. Most experts recommend cleaning toys on a weekly basis. However you should be cleaning toys as soon as they become dirty. Keeping your children’s toys clean will protect them from harmful bacteria and germs.

Sorting toys are made from different materials and these materials determine how these toys should be cleaned. This means that there are different ways to clean sorting toys but each of these cleaning processes is simple and easy to follow.

Let’s start with plastic sorting toys. Most plastic toys are dishwasher safe which means you get to toss them into your dishwasher and your machine will do all the cleaning for you. If you do not own a dishwasher you can dump them into a bucket filled with soapy water. Remove any obvious dirt using a sponge, a cleaning brush or a used toothbrush. You can even use store-bought wet wipes if sorting toys are not that dirty.

You would need to take a different approach when cleaning wooden sorting toys. The first thing you need to understand about wood is that it is a porous material which means it will absorb moisture and liquid. If you soak or submerge your wooden sorting toys in water or any liquid solution, they would swell and would take a long time for them to be completely dry. For this reason, we highly recommend using a spray bottle to control the amount of water or cleaning solution that gets into your sorting toys. Prepare your desired cleaning solution in a spray bottle. You can use any cleaning solution you want but it is highly recommended to use mild cleaning soap or better yet keep it natural by using vinegar and baking soda. You can also use Castille soap which is a vegetable-based soap, free from harmful chemicals. Wipe your sorting toys clean with a damp cloth and make sure to remove any excess cleaning liquid. Use a sponge or used toothbrush when necessary especially when removing dirt and grime. Then when all cleaning is done, wipe dry with a cloth.

You can either air dry or sun dry whichever is convenient. When sun drying, make sure not to leave your sorting toys under the sun for too long because doing so will result in damaged paint.


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