Sintra Naturals

Do you want to buy products that are natural and organic?

Sintra Naturals natural skin care is the perfect brand for you. They are 100% natural and organic, so they will not harm your skin in any way. Their natural skin care products are also free from essential oils and are palm oil free, which means it's perfect for sensitive skin and children's skin. All of their packaging is plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable too! They care about our planet as much as we do!

There's no better time than now to start caring for your body with nature-based ingredients like those found in Sintra Naturals' products. We have everything you need to keep your body feeling good inside and out! Our range includes hand creams, lip balm, natural soap bars, shampoo bars, conditioner bars and more - all made with 100% natural ingredients so they're kinder to the environment too. We also carry their popular aromatherapy room sprays that smells great and guaranteed to eliminate household odour. Shop our Sintra Naturals nature friendly product collection today and give your body the natural products it deserves!


Our range of Sintra Naturals natural skin care products include natural soaps, vegan lip balm, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, handcream, and body butters. Their products are 100% plastic free, made from nature friendly ingredients. And since they don’t use any essential oils in their products, they’re suitable for all skin types. You can also do a patch test on skin if you want to make sure.

Sintra Naturals Skin Food - Natural Soap

Available in Lavender and Rose, these natural soaps are packed with skin loving ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and powder. The Lavender soap contains dried lavender and coloured with alkanet root powder while the Rose soap contains dried rose petals. These ingredients work together to give your skin its natural, radiant glow. They also nourish, hydrate and moisturise dry skin. These soaps come in plastic free packaging.

Sintra Naturals Vegan Lip Balm

Our Organic Vegan Lip Balm is ideal cruelty free skin care for dry and chapped lips. Cocoa butter provides intense moisture and hydration. Cocoa butter's fats help lock in moisture and protect lips from environmental and ageing damage. It’s also palm oil free.

Sintra Naturals Vegan Shampoo Bars - Suitable for All Hair Types

These shampoo bars contain coconut-derived surfactants, which are mild and biodegradable.

They can be used on all hair types and are pH balanced. It does not have a transition phase, and will not require an acid rinse. They also contain argan oil which is considered the holy elixir to hair. It retains hair's moisture and bounce, without weighing it down like butters or heavy oils.

They also contain iota carrageenan, pink french clay and rosemary essential oil. Iota carrageenan, a vegan food-grade binder, helps make these shampoo bars last longer and stay hard between showers. Pink french clay is great for hair. It also gives you a wonderful clean feeling after each wash. Rosemary essential oil is known for its therapeutic properties, which stimulate hair follicle growth.

Sintra Naturals Vegan Conditioner Bar

Mango Butter is used to make this amazing conditioner bar. It is lightweight and great for dealing with frizz. To make the hair stronger, they added rice protein. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) tightens the hair and prevents it from falling. The conditioner bar also contains BTMS 25, which is a vegan emulsifying oil that gives it a smooth feel. Stearic acid, which is derived from coconut oils, helps to make the bar last longer and keep it hard. Orange essential oil gives us the happy after-wash smell. This conditioner bar also comes in plastic free packaging.

Sintra Naturals Handcream

This hand cream is an essential skin care addition to your natural skin care collection. This hand cream has a subtle, enchanting scent thanks to rose essential oil. I have a special method of making it that makes it both non-greasy and highly moisturising. It’s also palm oil free.

Sintra Naturals Body Butters

These body butters are fantastic natural skin care products. Their Body Butter (Peppermint) is great for tired skin and hands. And it comes in a sustainable tin which makes it easy to transport. This luxurious body butter bar, which is palm oil free, will satisfy all your sustainable skin care needs. It can be used to treat dry skin, as well as problem areas such as the feet and elbows. All the benefits of our body butters, in a solid form.

The Second Skin Body & Face Butter is the ideal solution for those with dry, itchy or eczema-prone skin. This body and face butter was created for those who have extremely dry skin and have itchy patches.

Sintra Naturals Room Sprays

Bad odours can be found in any household, whether they are in the bathroom or around pets. This room spray will eliminate any unpleasant odours, even strong ones, without creating harmful chemical fumes for pets or humans. And this organic linen and room spray is safe and effective and made with only natural ingredients.

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