Small World Play Set

small world play set

Choose your favourite small world toys or collect them all

We love small world play at Baba Me, and think that every child should have a small world toys of some form or another as they are just so great for encouraging imaginative play.

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Ostheimer Ark
Ostheimer Boat Ark (body)
£181.85  (2)
Ostheimer Horse-Stable
£157.10  (1)
Tidlo Hospital Set
£124.96  (5)
Tidlo Space Station
£120.00  (9)
Ostheimer House 4 parts
Ostheimer Doll's House
£101.86  (1)
Tender Leaf Toys Royal Castle
Bigjigs Fairytale Palace
Bigjigs Princess Palace
Djeco Ze pirate boat
£75.00  (2)
Tidlo Make a Land Set
£99.00   £75.00  (1)
Bigjigs Meadow Farm
Tidlo Oldfield Farm
£64.96  (13)
Bigjigs King Arthur's Castle
£89.95   £60.00
Tidlo Fire Station Set
£99.00   £59.99  (8)
Big Jigs Fairy Town Wooden Train Set
£54.95  (1)
Tender Leaf Toys Dragon Castle
Ostheimer Dragon's Cave
£53.05  (1)
Bigjigs Dino Island
£69.95   £52.46
Ostheimer Jailhouse
£49.96  (1)
Bigjigs Polar Glacier
£69.95   £48.00
Plan Toys Stable
Tender Leaf Toys Wolf Castle
Bigjigs Winter Wonderland Train
£35.45  (1)
Small Foot Toy Garage
Bigjigs Nativity Set
Bigjigs Noah's Ark
Ostheimer Well with Roof
Ostheimer Ice Flow 4 parts
£29.95  (1)
Bigjigs Play Farm
£29.50  (1)
Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset
£28.00  (1)
Bigjigs Mini Hospital Playset
Ostheimer Meadow 4 parts
£24.95  (1)
Djeco Ze pirat island
£30.95   £23.21  (1)
Bigjigs Holiday Kit
Big Jigs Fairy Figure of Eight Wooden Train Set
£25.95   £20.00  (1)
Big Jigs Figure of Eight Wooden Train Set
£25.95   £20.00
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Small World Toys

Whether your child loves pirates or princesses, dinosaurs or farm animals we have the perfect small world sets for them.

Small world sets are fantastic toys for role-playing. These toys further spark your child’s imagination and develop their creative thinking. Your kids can fill their small fantasy world with real life objects and buildings, making their play time more detailed. They are also perfect for little ones that are still developing their senses.

Your children can roleplay as medical officers or doctors with our hospital small world sets. These amazing small world toys from Small Foot come with accessories so your kids will definitely love playing these play sets.

You can expand your child’s dollhouse with some of our small world sets. For example, you can add a playground where your child’s small world people can play and have imaginary fun. Or you can add toy roads around your child’s dollhouse to make it accessible to toy cars. These small world sets are definitely great additions to your child’s play sets.

Another fantastic small world set we have is farm sets. These are wooden toys from some of the most popular brands like BigJigs and Tidlo. BigJigs farmhouse sorter is a small world toy that can be used as a teaching tool in your child’s animal recognition lessons.

The Tidlo space station small world set is always a hit as are the hospital and fire station. We have some great mini sets that are perfect for small word play on the go. And who wouldn’t love the Tidlo Make a Land small world set. It’s a dinosaur island, a pirate island, a zoo, a princess paradise or anything else you can imagine it to be.

If you are looking for fun and imaginative toys, look no further than our small world toys.

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