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Our range of soap pouches are perfect for storing your natural soap bar and keeping it clean. Natural soap pouches also help your soap bar last longer and can even be used as a gentle exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and soft. Purchase on and switch to a sustainable product today that is kind on the environment!

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What is a sisal soap bag?

Sisal soap pouches are a type of soap saver bag that is made from sisal plant fibres which has a lot of uses. They have been used in many parts of the world for centuries as a way to wash clothes and other items. The process involves soaking the item in water, then pop it inside the bag, and rubbing it with a bar of soap. After this, the person will rinse off the soap residue on their hands using running water before taking out their clean clothes or other items. We recommend using them with your favourite soap.

Why use a Soap Saver bag? Exfoliating soap saver for the win!

Natural Soap saver

Save your soap bar with a soap bag. The soap bag extends the life of the soap bar and doubles as an exfoliating surface to smooth skin. They also feel great on the hand and skin. Note that while exfoliating is necessary, don't overdo it. The best thing about natural bags is that when they wear out, you can compost them. Here is what you need to do:

Put your palm oil free soap inside the bag. Then just wet the bag and soap and use as you would normally use your soap. The sisal bags with drawstring rope allow you to hang them up in the bath or shower to dry naturally. This allows the soap bars to dry out which makes it last much longer. But always check the inside of the pouch before using it to ensure your soap is in good condition.

Soap in the bag is also much cleaner than soap dishes as they don't allow to collect and build-up of grime and bacteria like might happen in a soap dish or leave any marks at the back.

Another thing to know is that, natural sisal soap pouches allow you to stack old bars of soap together. So when you get down to the last nob of soap, you may put in your new bar and then will just merge together!


The beauty of natural sisal soap containers is that they double up as an exfoliator so you can also get rid of any plastic poofs you have in your bathroom. They turn any soap bar into exfoliating soaps and an exfoliating bag with their firm fibres making them a perfect all-over body scrubber removing dead skin cells, making a great alternative to shower gel, and naturally our soaps are paraben free and non toxic. You'll see the difference and realise what a great idea they are in no time.

How to wash a sisal soap bag?

For a better experience, just rinse out and hang to dry. If they are particularly dirty (what have you been up to!) then you can put them on a gentle wash in your machine. Note that don't try any harsh spin cycles because doing so will cause a problem and wear them out quickly. A good quality soap saver bag should last a few years but they will break down eventually. They are great for saving the last remains of soap pieces so make the perfect addition to your eco friendly waste free bathroom.

We have so many different types of pouches in our store from organic jute, organic cotton, bamboo to sisal, all made with sustainable materials. The best part about all of the bags is that they are really biodegradable making them truly zero waste.

If you're looking fo great travel soap option, look no further. They are small and these are easy to go through customs than tons of shampoos and shower gels! Note that your soap might turn into mush if left in the bag for a long time.

They can be used with any lovely handmade soap, shower soap bar and at the same time any solid shampoo bar. Put a soap bar in there, take it into the shower and these will replace your shower gels which come in plastic bottles, helping you on your plastic-free journey.

Pouch Holder Packaging

All of our natural, plastic free sisal soap bags come with just a tag as well as there are no plastic bags needed. They are available in many sizes and designs to place your soap in. The cotton soap saver bags or sisal soap pouch will shed natural fibres when being washed, don't worry these are plant-based and will biodegrade unlike the microplastics coming from the plastic exfoliators or poofs. They make eco-friendly soap even more eco friendly! Buy one for yourself or for a loved one. You can give them away as gifts.

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