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Sorting Toys - Learning Through Play

We have a wide range of sorting toys that promote learning through play during your little one's early development. There are many benefits of introducing educational toys at a very young age. These toys help build your child's cognitive skills and pattern recognition. Your child's tiny hands can easily pick up the little toy pieces, resulting in improved eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. The bright colour finish can help with your child's colour recognition as well. You can also use these toys to teach your child how to count. Sorting toys are definitely some of the best toys you can give your precious little one.

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Grimms 35 Wooden Marbles
£9.50  (5)
Grimm's Concave finds Convex
Bigjigs First Shapes Sorter
Grimms 60 Coloured Beads, 20mm
Grimms 180 Coloured Beads 20mm
£43.96  (1)
Bigjigs 1-9 Number Puzzles
Grimms 36 Coloured Beads 30mm
£16.50  (5)
Grimms 480 Coloured Beads 12mm
Grimms Small Sorting Helper 6 pieces
£44.95  (1)
Grimms Wooden Discs 240 pieces
Sevi Sorting Ice Cream Van
£34.99   £26.25
Bigjigs Count and Stack
Grimms 30 Beads purple-pink 20mm
£11.50  (1)
Bigjigs Build Up Train
Bigjigs Circle Fraction Board
Bigjigs First Hammer Bench
Bigjigs First Picture Blocks
Bigjigs Shape Sorting Board
Bigjigs Square Fraction Board
Bigjigs Twist and Turn Puzzle
Tender Leaf Colour Me Happy
Plan Toys Beehives
£20.95  (76)

Page 1 of 1:    41 Items 
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