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Stacking Cups - Fun & Creative Learning

Little kids love to stack things and with our stacking cups, your little one will have a wonderful learning experience while having fun. These stacking cups offer a simple yet fun way to play. As your kid plays with these toys, they will improve their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, problem-solving and simple logic. These are the perfect toys to use to teach your kid's basic math like counting and the colourful finish help with their colour recognition. With these toys, there are unlimited possibilities for your little one to express imagination and creativity. These stacking toys are also eco-friendly and good for the environment.

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Djeco Maxi Topanijungle
Tidlo Rainbow Cubes
£2,995.00   £25.00
Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker
£28.00   £23.80
Grimm's Set Of Bowls Ocean
Djeco Topanifarm

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Stack up cups like nesting cups are a great way for your child to learn about arranging and sorting objects as well as learning basic concepts like size and volume. When it comes to stacking toys, there’s something about cups that children love. From the time they are born, it seems like toddlers and babies just like to put things in and take them out of things. Many times they go for containers or examples of containers such as toy rattle tubs or stacking toy boxes.