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Baby toy Bundle
£60.97   £50.60
Grimms Stacking Tower Rainbow
Grimms Wankel
Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker
£28.00   £23.80
Plan Toys Cone Sorting Rocket
£26.95   £22.91
Goki Stacking Man Nimo, Magnetic
£19.20   £15.36
Bigjigs Rabbit Stacking Rings
Bigjigs First Flower Stacker
£15.45   £13.13
Tidlo Magnetic Wobbly Stacker
£13.96   £11.87
Bigjigs Twist and Turn Puzzle
£13.95   £11.86

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

These brightly coloured toys are perfect to teach your little one colours, shapes and basic maths. They stimulate your kid's imagination and creative thinking. As your kids play and learn how to stack these toys, they will develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and cognitive skills. They will have fun while learning new things which can go a long way during your kid's early development.

These toys are as eco-friendly as they are educational. Made from ethically sourced wooden materials and painted using non-toxic watercolour, these stacking rings toys are safe for your kids and good for the environment.

It is always nice to have wooden educational toys that are simple and fun to play with. These kinds of toys are very important early developmental and learning toys for babies. They are one of those toys that grow with your baby.

As young babies they can enjoy watching the colours and shapes and as they get older they can start to learn how to stack them up, or make a tower with them. Most children will have fun sorting and stacking these activity toys.

A wooden stacking toy is also a good sensory toy because of its wooden texture which helps with tactile stimulation as well as its bright colours are good for visual stimulation and colour recognition.