Stainless Steel Lunch Box Buying Guide

Many people have started bringing their own food at work and that is definitely a good thing. This ongoing trend has resulted in increased sales of eco-friendly reusable food containers like stainless steel lunch boxes. There are many reusable food containers to choose from but probably the most popular among these food containers is the stainless steel lunch box.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are pretty solid choices for food containers.They are durable and sturdy enough to withstand falls on hard surfaces without breaking easily. They do not alter the flavour of food or impart unpleasant flavour like most plastic food containers do. They are better for the environment because stainless steel, unlike plastic, is a sustainable and renewable resource. Additionally, stainless steel is highly recyclable. Which means at the end of the life of your stainless steel lunch box, it would be processed at a recycling center and would be made into an entirely new product. Most importantly, stainless steel lunch boxes do not contain harmful chemicals like BPA that are usually found in plastic food containers.

There is a huge selection of stainless steel lunch boxes available on the market. Some people find it a bit challenging to choose the right stainless steel lunch boxes for them but it really does not have to.

Here are few things to consider and look out for when buying yourself a stainless steel lunch box.

What to look for when buying a stainless steel lunch box

There are few things you need to consider and look for when buying a stainless steel lunch box.

  • Material - Make sure you are buying a lunch box made from food-grade stainless steel. Two of the most common food-grade stainless steel used in food containers are 18/10 and 18/8. The first number indicates that amount of chromium while the second number indicates the amount of nickel present. The chromium content protects the food container from oxidation and rust whereas the nickel content protects it from the usual corrosion.

  • Size - Size is something you need to consider as well. You do not want to cram all your food into a small container. So buy a stainless steel lunch box that you think has enough space to fit all that food that you are planning to bring along with you. Do enough research beforehand about healthy portions of food. Buying a large stainless steel lunch box so that you can bring as much food as you want defeats the purpose of bringing your own food with you.

  • Compartments - Some stainless steel lunch boxes come in multiple layers and compartments while others don’t. Some even come with a soup container. Consider this when buying a stainless steel lunch box.

  • Leakproof - Leakproof lids are important if you are planning to put your stainless steel lunch box inside your bag.

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