Stocking fillers for young children

Stocking Fillers for Young Children

As kids get older they start knowing what they want but for little ones, it can be harder to know what to get them. If you’re not sure where to start with your baby or toddlers stocking fillers this year we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite stocking stuffers for young children. Including things they need and things they will love.

Want, need, wear, read

While you may well be after more than 4 things to put in a stocking separating items into want, need, wear, and read categories and having at least one thing for each is a pretty good place to start with little ones.

WANT items could be anything you think they’ll love. Chocolatey treats if they are big enough or some yummy dried fruit if they’re not, and a few little toys are classic stocking fillers that can work for all ages.

For babies and toddlers we love bath toys as they tend to be small enough to easily fit in a stocking without containing any tiny parts to choke on. Natural rubber bath toys also make excellent teethers if you’re bubba has teeth coming through. And the Green Toys range are also brilliant for playing outside in the garden or at the beach when the weather warms up again.

NEED can be anything your little one needs. A new toothbrush, a bib, a funky new water bottle with kid friendly sippy lid, a new snack pot (great for popping a few Christmas morning treats into), or their own special plate and cutlery for dinner time all fit the bill and fit in a stocking.

We love the Kid Kanteen range of water bottles as you can simply change the lid as your baby gets older and they come in so many great colours and designs.

WEAR is pretty easy really. A new hat and gloves set to keep them cosy, a Christmas outfit or some slippers would all fit perfectly in a stocking. And the likelihood is you’ll be buying these things at some point anyway so why not wrap them up for Christmas.

And there’s no reason they have to be new either. Young children don’t know if you bought their PJ’s from an ethical online retailer, the supermarket or the local nearly new sale and they wouldn’t care if they did.

READ!!! Read to your kids, read to them every day from the day they are born. It develops language and listening skills and stimulates their imagination and creativity. Plus it's the perfect way to slow down and connect with your child and have a cuddle at any time of the day.

You can buy books online, on the high street and in local charity shops so they are easy to get hold off. Make getting a new book part of their Christmas stocking tradition from a young age and they’ll look forward to it every year. You’ll need to find smaller books that will fit in a stocking but that’s just part of the challenge.

For more ideas have a look at our What are stocking fillers article here.

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