How to use a Stretchy Baby Wrap to Carry Your Newborn Safely

Posted by Katie on 6/25/2018 to Baby Carrier Advice & Help
How to use a Stretchy Baby Wrap to Carry Your Newborn Safely
With ten trained babywearing consultants on staff, all schooled by Trageschule and or Slingababy, it isn't a surprise that we are trusted by new parents to help them when it comes to carrying their newborn safely. Whether in the shop, or online, our consultants are ready to help. We are asked on a daily basis for advice on how to carry a newborn, so we hope this blog will help you with your little one!

Which Stretchy Wrap Should I Choose?
In this video, I have used the Lillebaby Tie The Knot baby wrap. It is incredibly light and thin, made using carbon-neutral Tencel. The material is perfect for hot babies and wearers alike, excellent in the warmer summer months (but still perfect for cooler months, just layer up clothing as appropriate) but don't let the light weight of this wrap fool you, it's really supportive too. I love it because it doesn't feel constricting even with three layers.
Of course, we do stock other wraps if you prefer, the Je Porte Mon Bebe wraps are firm favourites, thicker and very supportive, the original baby carrier is designed not just for a newborn, but as a hybrid wrap right through the journey, even suitable for back carries.

How do I carry my baby safely?
There are many many myths on facebook, we've dealt with a few before, but please rest assured that as babywearing specialists we take the safety of your baby incredibly seriously, we have spent hundreds of hours training and researching baby carriers to ensure that the slings we stock are safe. As with anything, it is only safe if you use it as intended, following the instructions, but used correctly none will harm your baby. We've devised this handy (pun intended) pneumonic to help you ensure your baby is safe, I'll talk you through it in the video.

How to use a stretchy baby wrap
The great thing about a stretchy wrap is that you can put it on and then just put your baby in and take them out through the day without having to take the sling off. It is great for using around the house, on quick trips to the shops, walking the dog and just about any other time you can think of! Top Tips:
  • Ensure your sling is swimsuit tight before you put your baby in, your baby will sit in the stretch of the wrap, too loose and the wrap will sag and not support your baby adequately.
  • Practice! You can start to practice with your wrap while pregnant, use a teddy, use a mirror, the more you practice before your baby arrives the better, you'll thank me when you try to use the wrap to soothe a crying baby, the sooner you can get your baby into the carrier the better!
  • Rock and sway, shift your weight from foot to foot as you put your baby in the wrap, keep them calm, keep yourself calm, you got this! Babies can sense when you are stressed, it stresses them, which starts a vicious circle, so keep calm.

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