Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

eco friendly gifts

You are probably aware of the detrimental effect that plastics have on our environment. From the moment plastic items are created and used, they keep releasing toxic chemicals into our environment for the rest of their life. So if you want to enjoy an ethical and plastic-free holidays season, we made a short list of eco friendly Christmas gifts to make your gift shopping easy and worry-free.

Though Bamboo Socks

Thought bamboo socks are wonderful gifts this Christmas. Bamboo socks are genuinely better for your feet. They are very comfortable to wear because they are made from a super soft combination of viscose fibres derived from bamboo and organic cotton. These socks provide high levels of comfort and gentle cushioning. A pair of these eco-friendly socks can keep your feet warm and dry during a cold winter’s night. You will never have to worry about fungal infections and uncomfortable conditions while wearing a pair of bamboo socks because they avoid moisture and are more breathable compared to other socks especially those that are made from synthetic fibres.

Klean Kanteen Classic Single Wall Water Bottle with Sport Cap - 800ml

Reusable water bottles make for good Christmas presents especially for those who enjoy the outdoors and have an active lifestyle. With reusable water bottles like the Classic Single Wall Water Bottle from Klean Kanteen’s, your special someone, friend, family or colleague can keep their hydration in style while on the go. A reusable water bottle can benefit most people because having one with you means you do not have to buy water that comes in single-use plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles may impart unpleasant flavour and potentially leach toxic chemicals like BPA into your water.

U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio Set of 3

Encourage your loved ones and friends to start eating healthy and save lunch money by gifting them this wonderful reusable food container set from U-Konserve. It comes with a set of round containers that fit nicely inside each other which saves storage space. You can bring home cooked meals, snacks and sandwiches to work and enjoy waste-free lunches. No more expensive fast-food in disposable styrofoam and plastic containers. Additionally, you can also use these food containers for leftover food, fruits and veggies that are bound for the fridge.

Neon Kactus Glass Cup - Super Sonic - Blue - 12oz

Most of us can’t get our day started without our daily caffeine fix. But with our busy schedule, we skip brewing our own coffee at home and instead buy coffee in disposable cups from coffee shops. Fortunately, more companies have become aware of the growing problem of disposable cups and decided to make reusable coffee cups and travel mugs more widely available to the general public. Neon Kactus Glass Cup is one of the best reusable coffee cups on the market. It is made from glass and other fully recyclable and sustainable materials.

Agnes & Cat Handmade Soap

Handmade natural soaps are fantastic Christmas gifts if you want to encourage friends and family to ditch their chemical-laden soaps for a more natural one. Conventional soaps are packed with harmful chemicals like parabens, aluminium and more. Agnes & Cat’s handmade soap is made from natural ingredients like coconut butter, pure essential oils and botanicals.

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