Taking Care of Your Noah's Ark Set

Children love to play and they learn through playing. Toys like Noah’s Ark sets are fantastic toys for early learning. Your children will have fun playing while learning and developing essential skills they need when they grow older.

Eventually our children’s Noah’s Ark toys become dirty and grimy. As parents, we’re responsible for cleaning our children’s toys to provide them with a safe playing environment. If our children are old enough, perhaps cleaning toys become a bonding moment. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely important to clean toys regularly and properly to avoid the spread of germs and viruses.

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your Noah’s Ark set is the care instructions. Follow the cleaning instructions of your Noah’s Ark toy. If your playset is made from plastic, chances are it’s dishwasher-safe. You can easily toss plastic toys into the dishwasher to clean it.

Noah’s Ark toys that are made from wood are still popular. Probably because the ark in the Bible was also made from wood. Anyway, cleaning wooden Noah’s Ark toys may not be as easy as tossing it into the dishwasher but the process is still easy and straightforward.

Start the cleaning process by removing any obvious dirt and grime. You can do so by using a used toothbrush, a soft-bristle cleaning brush or a sponge. Scrub lightly to prevent any paint chipping. You can remove tough stains by using baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. It’s a common household item that is also an effective cleaning agent.

Wood is porous so do not submerge or soak your Noah’s ark toy into water or any liquid solution. Otherwise, you will end up with deformed toys.

Once you’ve removed all obvious dirt, stains and grime you can start wiping your Noah’s Ark toys with a damp cloth. Sprinkle some soapy water from your spray bottle. We recommended any mild soap as well as natural soap like Castille. If you are disinfecting, we suggest using a vinegar cleaning solution instead. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties and is known as a fantastic cleaning agent. Wipe your toys lightly and thoroughly. You can use a thin brush or straw cleaner to clean hard to reach areas. Bleach should be your last option.

Now onto the drying process. Air drying is an option but sun-drying is better because the heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial. However, you should monitor your toys while drying them under the sun. Prolonged exposure to heat can lead paint chipping.

If your Noah’s ark toys’ paint finish starts to chip, you can scrape off any loss paint. You can use fine sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the toys especially if you plan to repaint. You can use this project as a bonding moment between you and your child. It’s a good activity to expand your child’s creativity and imagination. Make a thorough research on non-toxic paint that is recommended for your wooden Noah’s ark toy.


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