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As the end of the school year (or even Christmas) approaches there will be plenty of parents looking for gift ideas for teachers that make ethical and appreciated presents. You child's favourite teacher can play a big part in their life and something small to show your appreciation is lovely for both teacher and the children as kids love giving gifts.

There are always the classic teacher presents, like coffee mugs with some delicious fair trade tea or hot chocolate, or a nice tote bag or notebook, although your class teacher might end up with more mugs than they know what to do with. So weíve come up with some great alternative gifts for teachers.

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Gnaw  Super-Duper Hamper
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Nkuku XL Kiko Frame Zinc
Self Care bundle
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To Mummy
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Nkuku Animal Paperclips
Bigjigs Sudoku
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Congratulations Gift Box
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Gnaw Taste Adventure
Just to Say Gift Box
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Owl mango wood photo frame
Janni Honey Glow Rejuvenating Face Balm
Shared Earth 3 Hearts frame
Shared Earth Star Suncatcher
Agnes & Cat Fairy Dust
Shower gift bundle
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Janni Bars Lotion Bar
Janni Bars Natural Bamboo Deodorant
Birthday Gift Box
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Giant Bath Bomb Mystery Box
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Home is Home Candle Pots
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Little Treats- Shower Gift
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Janni Bars Glitter Tube
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Little Treats- Kids Bath time
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Thank You Present for Teachers

Finding the perfect teacher presents can be tough, and itís often easy to fall back on the old favourites like a box of chocolates, bath treats or a gift card that work for all occasions but might not convey how special you think they are. Homemade teacher presents from children are obviously lovely, especially for a special teacher your child is particularly close to, but while a handmade card will always be loved and make great personalised gifts, there are only so many cupcakes and homemade cookies you can eat before they go off.

Buy Zero Waste Gifts

At Babame we like to think outside the box and believe that great gifts are something that are good for the planet as they are for the recipient. Novelty gifts might be fun but, like flowers, they often wonít last long. With that in mind, we have compiled a few lovely gifts from students that teachers can put to good use and are either good for reducing waste or have been made from recycled materials.

Many of these would also make great birthday gifts, motherís day gifts, fatherís day gifts, anniversary gifts or even wedding gifts. In fact we think they are special enough for any occasion.

  • Reusable coffee cups. While you can definitely have too many mugs that say great teacher, a really nice insulated reusable cup like the U-Konserve Insulated Mugs would make very thoughtful gifts for a teacher who rarely gets to finish a drink while it's hot. You could even club together with other parents and get a gift certificate from a local coffee shop to pop inside and treat them to plastic-free takeaway coffee. Why not make these personalised teacher presents by adding decals?

  • Water bottles also make great gifts and could be a good choice for male teachers who might be trickier to buy for (or father's day). Not just great for school these reusable stainless steel water bottles are perfect for the gym, days out with the family or making sure you stay hydrated on the daily commute.

  • If you know they get lots of bottles of wine why not treat them to a set of recycled wine glasses. The fair trade wine glasses have been hand blown into a mould by expert glass workers in Bolivia. They are made from 100% recycled glass, which gives them a lovely colour and they are dishwasher safe making them great gifts for wine lovers. These are also great as birthday gifts or valentine's day gifts.

  • If your teacher brings food to school with them or is a fan of outdoor adventures during the holidays, then the Boc n Roll sandwich wraps make great presents and would make lovely gifts wrapping for some homemade cookies or mince pies. Plus they are an easy zero waste switch.

Christmas Teacher Presents

As holiday time approaches you'll likely be looking for Christmas gifts for all sorts of people including teachers. While handmade Christmas cards from the children are always going to go down well we have lots of other lovely ideas that are a bit different to dry erase markers or Pinterest projects with scrapbook paper and pipe cleaners that you probably don't have time for.

The Nkuku Tiny Kiko Frames are super cute, handmade and fairly traded. They make lovely Christmas decorations or can be hung on a wall and come in a set of four which could be split between teachers. These would also make lovely alternative gift tags. Then you just need to get the glue or pens out and you have a lovely personalised gifts that won't take up too much space and will last for years.

Socks! Everyone wears them and they are classic Christmas gifts for anyone that's hard to buy for. These bamboo socks by Thought clothing are super soft, luxurious to wear and come in lots of great patterns. Ideal gifts that are practical, usable and in this case eco-friendly too.

7 Unique Presents for Teachers

Thank You Presents Made Easy

It is not always an easy task to pick the perfect present for the teacher of your child. This year you can stop panicking about the end of year present and say Thank You to your little ones favourite teacher with our unique and ethical teacher presents.

1. Classic Mug Gift - rainbow style

A mug is probably one of the more classic end-of-year presents for school teachers and teaching assistants. However, there is nothing nicer than starting a new school term with a new favourite mug, especially when it comes in rainbow colours! Our rainbow crockery is hugely popular and no matter if your child's teacher is a tea or coffee lover - they will absolutely adore their new rainbow mug! 

2. Big Green Tree Spa & Therapy Kit

Is there anything nicer at the end of a busy school year than a little bit of pampering? If you asked any teacher, I think they would probably say no - and we agree! If the primary school of your child has a big vegetable garden, chances are the teachers are always busy planting, weeding and gardening, especially in those weeks before the summer break. The Big Green Tree Gardeners Hand Therapy Kit is the perfect present for those hard-working hands, it includes a natural gardener soap as well as some nourishing hand balm and a pack of meadow flower seeds. With the Big Green Tree Pamper Me Spa Kit you are giving your little ones teacher the pampering they deserve. The kit consists of a detox face mask, a bath melt and a candle to create a relaxing atmosphere.

For bearded male teachers, the Excellent Beard Kit by Big Green Tree is one of our bestselling gifts. With the included beard balm, comb, and beard care guide your teacher is all kitted out!

3. Magical moments with sun catchers

A sun catcher is surely one of those presents your child's teacher will treasure for a very long time. Once hung by the window in their home or even in the classroom it will create some magical and glistering light effects all year round, whenever the sun is out. 

4. Reusable Jute Bag

One of our most popular gifts or kids to give this year is a reusable jute shopping bag. No wonder, teachers always have to carry a massive amount of books, papers and other teaching materials from A to B - imagine their faces when they are able to use one of our beautifully designed jute bags from now on!

They come in a range of different colours and prints - pop some fairtrade chocolate and homemade teacher cards inside and you have the perfect teacher thank you gift!

5. Photos

Instead of your child's' teacher receiving 25 or more individual gifts, you could organise a collection and create a personalised best teacher hamper! Beside some fairtrade chocolate, a rainbow mug, some speciality coffee and a natural scented candle this hamper could include something very special - a photograph of the entire class in one of our beautifully handcrafted photo frames.

6. Comfy feet, all year around

Especially in nurseries, pre-schools and kindergartens teachers are always on their feet playing and running after your little ones - comfy feet might be the most important thing for a teacher to have!

That is precisely why the super soft, durable and comfortable bamboo socks from thought clothing are probably the most practical and appreciated teacher presents for 2020. Once a pair of thought socks has made its way onto your feet, you never want to wear anything else. Ethically made from bamboo fabric the company is very conscious of their carbon footprint and ensures that as little resources as possible are used in the production process. Hence these socks are great gifts as well as good for our planet - Win-Win!

By the way, thought also has a fabulous range of hemp scarves which your child's teacher will love.

7. Quirky presents made from recycled crayons

Our accessories range made from recycled crayons have amazing gifts written all over it. Choose between a pen pot, a necklace, bracelet or even a photo frame. With their unique and colourful look, these items will instantly put a smile on every teachers' face - not just on the last day of school but throughout the entire next term!

Personalised presents for everyone

We have a great range of ethical gifts on offer at babame including a great range of natural bath and beauty products that make great birthday gifts, gorgeous new baby gifts for every budget and great anniversary gifts, engagement gifts, and even wedding gifts.

You can create fantastic personalised gifts for every occasion combining products from our different ranges. Create mother's day or baby shower gifts that are unique and thoughtful. or give birthday gifts that people will really love without having to leave the house.

We also stock a range of gorgeous cards that make great birthday cards or thank you cards.

Forget Flowers - Find the perfect present at get free uk delivery on orders over £40

Unique Thank You Gift Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gifts to say "thanks". Whether it's a big thank you to an amazing teacher, a heartfelt thanks to a friend that's always there when you need them or a little thank you gifts for a neighbour, our great range of heartfelt thank you gifts and cards includes something for everyone. Plus they are all ethically sourced and kind to the planet so you can say thank you to mother nature at the same time.