Teaching Clocks Buying Guide

Teaching Clocks Buying Guide

Children learn how to tell time by playing with a teaching clock. This interactive toy allows children to determine if the correct time is told and, so, it helps them learn how to read and comprehend time. A teaching clock is a true education ally for parents that want to help their children discover the most basic concept of time. Like all educational toys, it aims at stimulating the mind of children through fun play. It helps develop skills such as motor skills, cognitive ability, social and emotional growth. It also lays the foundation for problem solving abilities, concentration and memory retention after a while.

Children develop at a different pace so there is really no age when you could start teaching your child about time. One thing to understand about teaching about how to tell time is that it is an incremental process. Doing it this way, can speed up the learning process and could make things easy and simple.

Many educators suggest starting to teach children about the concept of time and time telling at age 5-6. Your children should be familiar with numbers at this age and they should have an easy learning how to tell the hour markers on an analog clock. You should progress from here and start teaching your children advanced time telling techniques like counting time in 5 minute increments, comparing time and using time-related words and phrases like in the afternoon or 5 minutes past midnight.

Choose something that is safe

You can teach your children how to tell time whenever you think they are mentally capable. You can even start introducing the concept of time as early as 18 months of age. There is an easy and exciting way to start teaching your children about time and it is by using toys specifically made for this purpose.

Your children’s safety should always be at the top of your things to consider when buying any toy including teaching clocks. Depending on the age of your children, choose something that is age-appropriate and if your budget allows, buy a teaching clock that is multipurpose. When we say multipurpose teaching clocks means that the teaching clock can be used to teach about telling time as well as facilitate learning other skills like fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition and more. If you are giving the teaching toy to a young child, make sure there are no many detachable parts that could be potential choking hazards.

Plastic or Wood

Choosing between plastic and wood depends on your preference. We highly recommend wood because any toy be it a teaching clock or a set of building blocks that is made from this material looks amazing as well as eco-friendly. Plastic toys often contain toxic chemicals and substances like BPA or bisphenol-A and many others while wooden toys don’t. This should be enough reason for you to buy a wooden teaching clock.


You can set a budget if you want to narrow down your list or if you just want to avoid spending on unnecessary toys.

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