Teething Toys

teething toys

Make the painful process of teething easy for both you and your little one with our selection of teething toys and chewing rings.

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Rainbow Baby Gift
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Moulin Roty Sheep teething ring
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Grimms Beads Grasper
Heimess Touch ring rainbow
Heimess Touch ring rattle rainbow
Heimess Touch ring 4 rings rainbow
Heimess Touch ring elastic rainbow ball
Heimess Touch ring hedgehog with pearls
Heimess Touch ring elastic ladybird I
Heimess Touch ring rainbow pearls
Heimess Touch ring rainbow lenses

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Teething & Chew Toys

We know the importance of choosing the right teether for babies so we handpicked the best teething and chewing rings on the market. Our range of toys is designed to ease the discomfort and relieve soreness from your baby's sensitive gums. They are made from eco-friendly and natural materials, making them 100% safe for babies. Whether you're looking for teethers that your babies can hold themselves or a teething necklace that you can wear, we've got the best teethers.

Teething can be a difficult time for babies and parents. The discomfort of cutting teeth can make babies irritable and upset day and night. So any toy that can provide a little relief to aching gums will be more than welcome for both babies and mum and dad.

Obviously, there is no miracle cure, we'd be very rich indeed if we had found that one. But a good range of teethers can provide both relief and distraction as little ones. Whether it's a wooden toy to really chomp down on, a soft natural rubber or food grade silicone that can go in both the freezer and the dishwasher, we have a great range of teether toys to help you and your baby through this tricky time.

Teether Toys

Choose from natural wood, pastel shades or bright colours depending on your preferences. And shop safe in the knowledge that all our teethers are safe for babies and from suppliers we trust.

Teethings rings are must in the arsenal of any parent or carer of a teething child. And they come in all shapes and sizes meaning there really is something for every taste.

Moulin Roty's fabulous teethers combine a teething ring with a rattle and a soft toy comforter. These teethers are perfect for keeping baby amused wherever they are. The handy loops make them easy to attach to car seats and prams when out and about. And the wonderful mix of fabrics including wool, velvet and soft cotton provides plenty of sensory stimulation as well as something good to hug.

We also love the colour palettes that make these toys both eye-catching and super cute. They make fabulous birth or baby shower gifts and are likely to become a favourite toy as well as providing a welcome relief from sore gums when baby's teeth start coming through.

The Just B Cloud rattle is another fantastic teething ring that both babies and parents will love. The cute design includes textured raindrops perfect for chewing and rainbow coloured beads to rattle and play with.

And the best thing about this teether toy is the fact that it glows! Give it a shake and the cloud lights up. Perfect for long winter evenings and a great additional stimulation to distract your baby from their aching gums.


Grimm's make a lovely range of handcrafted baby toys that are perfect for relieving teething pain. It might seem counterintuitive to give your baby something hard to chew on when they are teething but many babies prefer them so soft chew toys and they can actually assist with teeth coming through.

Made from a mixture of Alder, Lime, Maple & Beech trees. All the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. These toys are finished with water based stains and natural oils making them perfect for little hands and mouths and a great alternative to plastic teethers.

We love the natural finish of the gorgeous grasping owl and hedgehog. Designed for little hands to grasp they are lightweight and perfect for chewing on. Grimm's are most famous for their rainbows. So why not start your little one's Grimms collection early with a rainbow coloured teething and grasping toy. You can even choose one that doubles as a rattle for an added distraction.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is the perfect material for making teethers. Oli and Carol's great range of natural teethers are designed in Barcelona and made in Morocco. They use 100% natural latex harvested from Malaysian Hevea trees that are hand painted with safe, natural food grade dyes.

These quirky and unusual toys are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free. Making them perfectly safe for babies and kind to the environment too. Win-win if you ask us. Plus natural rubber is anti-bacterial making it a hygienic choice for a teether.

Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew, these lovely toys can be used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more! They stimulate baby's senses and soothe teething gums. Plus they have no holes meaning that if you use them as bath toys you don't risk them filling up with yucky grime and slime.

Alternatively, Just B also makes fantastic rubber teethers with fun designs to grab babies attention. The range of little characters all have different textures and nobbly bits to help relieve sore gums as well as stimulating the senses.

Just B's natural rubber teether toys also give a gentle squeak when you squeeze them meaning they are great for distracting little ones, provide excellent auditory stimulation and are perfect for learning about cause and effect. Plus they make great bath toys. Add a couple to your baby wish list and be prepared when teething starts.


Teething jewellery is a popular choice for both mum and baby. Milkdaze necklaces are made of 100% silicone and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. And of course, they do not contain lead, cadmium or heavy metals.

The soft chunky beads are perfect to help relieve sore gums and they make a great sensory tool to help your baby focus while feeding.

Not only are they a great silicone teether but they also double as a versatile accessory for mum. Any parent knows that traditional jewellery just doesn't really work when you have a baby. The clasps and chains are generally not designed to be tugged on, and if broken any beads tend to end up strewn across the floor.

These necklaces are designed to be baby friendly. Meaning the sturdy design allows for tugging, pulling and chewing. The perfect item for your baby wish list and a lovely baby shower gift for mum.

Silicone Tooth and Gum Brush

Jack and Jill's silicone tooth and gum brush isn't a teether as such but can be a great way of soothing sore gums, applying teething gel and getting babies used to having their teeth brushed.

Made from 100% silicone they are BPA free and the soft silicone bristles are soft and gentle for little gums. Just bear in mind that these are not teethers and shouldn't be chewed so should only be used under adult supervision.

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