Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu blocks, magnetic toys combine magnets with building blocks creating magic! Give your children hours of fun building the impossible with these brightly coloured magnetic wooden blocks.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

From travel packs that make a great fiddle toy for at home or out and about to classroom sets that will allow your child to build towering creations, vehicles and animals all day long. This is a range that has something for everyone. Babies, children, parents and grandparents all love Tegu.

Building blocks and construction toys are a staple toy in a child's toy box. Similarly, Tegu magnetic toys have long been popular as connections between trains and toy cars, or as letters and numbers on refrigerator magnets. They have combined the two and added magnets to the simple wooden block which creates a whole world of possibilities and the ability to build out as well as up. Gravity constraints are no longer a problem as children use their imagination and develop problem-solving skills to work out how the blocks fit together. Working with and against the polarities of the magnets provides an added challenge.

These educational toys were developed with children and are handcrafted in a unique way ensuring the small magnets are well hidden inside each block for safety. The Tegu wooden blocks are handmade from sustainable Honduras hardwoods such as Huesito and Mahogany and finished using a non-toxic, lacquer finish that is either clear or a wonderful array of bright colours.

The Tegu magnetic building blocks come in a wide variety of different sets from the small travel pouches to the larger classroom set. Even though they are different shapes and sizes, each wooden block has been designed to work together making each building set compatible with each other. They have also been designed with little hands in mind and are the optimum size for small fingers. As children build you'll be amazed at what they make, from animals to vehicles, their creations will get more imaginative each time. Tegu wooden blocks don't come with instruction manuals leaving the creative side entirely to kids.

From Tegu cubes and planks to wheels and even a propeller, there are so many different shapes available for kids creations that the possibilities are limitless. Their pocket pouches and travel pals are perfect for entertaining kids at restaurants, on a plane or at a wedding. The larger sets (14 pieces and up) are great for at home keeping children entertained for hours.

Younger children will simply love playing with the smooth tactile Tegu blocks turning them in their fingers and working out how they can put them together, marvelling as they defy gravity. They begin developing fine motor skills, pattern recognition and balance. Older children will begin to use the blocks as props in addition to other toys and games. Through this form of creative play and pretend play older children develop storytelling, problem-solving skills and begin to get an understanding of scale. Even adults can't help but play with these wonderful toys making them a great gift as a desk toy.

Tegu Quality

Tegu are proud of their product's exceptional quality and boast that each individual block has to pass multiple quality control tests before it reaches a child. The blocks are made in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where the Honduran factory workers and their families are well looked after, paid a proper living wage, and are offered career growth and development. The materials used to make these magnetic construction toys are sustainably sourced and the trees are harvested responsibly.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks arrived at Baba Me HQ on a cold and blustery day in early 2017. We are used to big toy deliveries here, but there is still something magical about unpacking a new toy for the first time and finding the perfect place for it in our shop. Tegu is brand we thought long and hard about stocking. Once we learned all about the ethics behind the Tegu company and had tried the toy samples out ourselves we all realised it was the toy we had been missing!

Tegu really is a special brand. Chris and Will Haughey, the two founders of Tegu want to address social problems in Honduras by utilising the resources available there. They are not a Not for profit, they want to be, and strive to be a successful business. They want their workers to do well, they enjoy seeing their Tegu workers thrive and succeed. They are Building Blocks to rebuild communities.

Tegu Sustainability

Tegu is a sustainable company. The main wood used in theTegu blocks is called Huesito. It is a hardwood that grows in abundance in the forests in Honduras. Even though it is not an endangered wood, They harvest it responsibly as they want the world to remain a wonderful place for future generations. They work with local Honduran cooperatives and every single mature tree that is cut down is handpicked. They are finished with safe, non-toxic water based finishes. Every single block is checked before it reaches your child.

They add something different to what we already stock. Tegu is a totally unique product, loved by kids and adults alike. They are a very transparent company, you can drop them an email or call them at any time and visit their factory to see the manufacturing in person!

At Baba Me we are very conscious of the waste we produce and the waste packaging on our products. We do our best by recycling all we can but know that running a business such as ours, we will always use more packaging than we would like, such is the nature of getting your parcel to you safely! They also have an amazing approach to recycling. If you are finished with your wooden Blocks and are considering throwing them out, don't! Tegu will buy your used toys back from you and recycle them/reuse them. I can't think of a more sustainable option than that!

These are Magnetic Wooden Blocks, but they are also wooden blocks with no limits! Think of the possibilities you can add to your little one's building fun with the addition of safe, hidden magnets. The addition of wheels and propellers means that these sets are the perfect brand for you to build up. They are very well priced and so you can add a small set for the perfect stocking filler or a large set as a main Birthday Present. A lot of families are looking for alternatives to Easter Eggs this year and we think the Tegu pocket pouches would be perfect! With so many colours available and new ranges being launched all the time (have you seen the monsters?) Tegu Wooden Blocks are well and truly here to stay at Baba Me!

Tegu Beliefs

They believe that playing is learning. When a child plays they are learning, something I believe strongly too. Playing with Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks and Toys helps develop fine motor skills, pattern recognition, balance and scale. It encourages imaginative play, problem solving and opens up a world of storytelling to both you and your children.

When you buy Tegu at Baba Me know that you are also supporting us! A small family business based in Ireland who do their absolute best to provide you with products of amazing quality at the best prices. We search the entire world to stock the funkiest, coolest products to add to our range. Thank you for supporting us and being part of our story.

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