The 5 Best Wooden Tea Sets of 2020

Our Top 5 Tea Sets for 2020

We love tea sets. Who doesn’t? These are our top picks from some of our favourite brands. And in no particular order because they are all great in different ways.

The Tender Leaf Toys Tea Tray Set

This is a gorgeous set, especially when paired with the fabulous cake stand. It is a bit pink which won’t be everyone's cup of tea. Get it? But the attention to detail is absolutely stunning!

We love the little mint and lemon tea bags, the delectable biscuits that look good enough to eat, and the fact that the tray is the perfect size to fit everything on and be carried by little hands.

The Big Jigs Tea Tray

Also available in pink, this is another set that comes on a tray and is perfect for little ones to carry around. A surprisingly difficult skill to master but great for building those all-important neural pathways.

We love the simple style of this set and the fact that it matches the rest of their range so you can get a toaster and kettle to match. Plus if you feel you need a sweet treat the Big Jigs biscuit box is to die for.

Plan Toys Tea Set

Again this set has a simple style but the attention to detail is fantastic. What really made it get on the list though is the fact that you not only get two little wooden tea bags but little wooden sugar cubes as well. We’ve not seen this in other sets and we love it.

Indigo Jamm Hearts Set

Indigo Jamm is one of our favourite brands and this tea set is really lovely. You get a lovely tray, cups, saucers, teapot, milk jug and sugar pot as well as three delicious looking jammy dodgers.

Tender Leaf Toys Espresso Machine

Ok so this isn’t a tea set, but let’s face it most kids have probably seen more coffee machines in action than tea from a pot served to cups and saucers. In fact, there are plenty of children who will order their own babycino when they go to a cafe.

This little coffee machine set means they can play at making you cups of coffee just the way you like it at home, and babycino’s for all their toys of course. A gorgeous gift for budding barista’s.

Bonus: The Green Toys Tea Set

This one’s a bonus because it’s not a wooden tea set but a plastic one. We don’t stock many plastic toys but these are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and are fantastic quality.

This set is a winner because you can use it in the bath and take it outside to play in the mud kitchen, the paddling pool, the sandpit or just for outdoor picnics without worrying about it getting damaged. So even though it’s not wooden we thought it deserved a mention.


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