The Benefits of Natural and Organic Baby Products

There are many benefits to buying organic and natural baby products that vary depending on the product you are looking at. Some products, like our range of natural and organic skincare products including sunscreen, shampoo and nappy rash cream, and kinder to babies skin as well as the planet they are growing up to inherit. While others like our great range of reusable nappies and wipes are not only better for babies and the planet but are kinder to your wallet as well.

Benefits of Natural and Organic Skincare

The benefits of organic food focus both on benefits for the environment and individuals. With fewer chemicals being used in food production choosing organic food is protecting the soil and wildlife, while at the same time providing health benefits by introducing fewer toxins to your body and giving the body more nutrients. The benefits of using organic and natural skin care products for babies are similarly twofold. Both the baby and the environment benefit.

If you are a parent looking after your baby is a top priority and part of that is protecting that soft, delicate skin. Choosing natural products and thinking about the ingredients they contain is one way to make sure you are giving them the best especially if they have sensitive skin as many babies do not tolerate the harsh chemicals and toxins used in many baby products.

When it comes to creams, bath products, wet wipes and even material that is close to babies skin you may notice an obvious reaction or irritation if they have sensitive skin or allergies, in which case it quickly becomes clear you need to identify what is causing irritation and remove it. However, products that aren’t natural may contain toxins that do not have an immediate effect but will have subtle ongoing effects as the toxins build up in the body.

Benefits of Other Natural Baby Products

Our range of natural baby products doesn’t just include skincare products. Baba Me began with reusable nappies. Reusable nappies and wipes are an affordable natural alternative to disposable options and a great way to live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

This selection of natural baby products also include reusable nappies and wipes that can be used from birth right through to potty training so although they do require a larger initial investment than buying disposable nappies you will quickly end up saving. The other benefit of natural reusable nappies is that they are chemical-free, unlike many disposable nappies and therefore kinder to babies skin.

Baby wipes often contain toxins and perfumes that can irritate babies skin and absorb into their bodies. Using reusable wipes means you can just use water with perhaps a few drops of essential oil. Therefore you know exactly what you are putting on their little bums and faces.


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