The Benefits of Using a Toddler Balance Board

There are loads of benefits of using a balance board no matter how old you are. Child or toddler balance boards are great for helping young kids improve their balance, build muscle strength and gross motor skills, and help with core strength, posture and coordination. Plus they are loads of fun to play with and relax on.

Building Muscle Strength

One of the key benefits of using a balance board, and the reason they are used by athletes, personal trainers and physiotherapists, is that balancing and rocking is great for building core strength, stability and lower body strength.

It’s the same principle as using an exercise ball, you have to make lots of tiny adjustments to stay stable and this uses lots of muscles that you might not otherwise be exercising and strengthening. Rocking from side to side on the wobbel used both the muscles in the legs as well as the core and is great for helping kids build their stability for all sorts of other activities.

Improving Balance and Coordination

As well as building physical strength using a toddler balance board is brilliant for building coordination in children and strengthening the mind-body connection. They improve balance by strengthening the core muscles and stabiliser muscles that make them steadier on their feet in general and better able to navigate all the play equipment at the play park.

Promotes Healthy Development in Other Areas

Engaging mind and body and keeping kids physically active is also beneficial in many other ways. Moving the body helps them assimilate learning in other areas and improves their ability to concentrate. This is especially important on days where you aren’t able to get outside and walk or play.

It’s Fun

Providing children with fun things to do and play with is one of the joys and challenges of being a parent. A Wobbel board or other toddler balance board is a brilliant toy because it allows children to have fun in so many ways. They get to be physically active rocking from side to side on a rowboat or a pirate ship, they can practise their yoga moves or even handstands, and it can be a surfboard or a hoverboard.

Sit down on the wobbel and it becomes a perfect child-sized rocking chair for cosy storytime or the perfect spot from which to watch a movie. They also make great dolls beds, half pipes for mini skateboards and a fabulous addition to a marble run set up.

Turn it over and it’s a step to help them reach things that are too high and practise their climbing skills or it’s a chair to sit and have a snack. Place one end on the sofa and it becomes an indoor slide or a ramp for toy cars.


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