The Best Dragon Toys and Playsets 2021

Dragon toys and playsets are really popular with children. Who doesn’t love a good dragon story, adults included. These mythical creatures crop up in almost every culture around the world and have certainly made their mark in popular culture to the point where pretty much everyone knows what a dragon looks like even though no-one has actually seen one in real life.

So if you have a little one who is a big fan of dragons you might be looking for the best dragon toys to inspire hours of imaginative and creative play and facilitate all the amazing benefits of play.

Imaginative play benefits children emotionally, socially and developmentally so it’s certainly something you want to encourage in children in any way you can. And what better way to do this than with our fantastic range of dragon toys.

Our Top Dragon Toys for 2021

Firsty all our toys are ethically made in the most eco-friendly way possible. We see the benefits to both children and the planet of wooden toys that are made with responsibly sourced materials. These are not cheap plastic toys that will break in five minutes or be out of fashion when the next movie comes out. Instead, they are high-quality open-ended toys that encourage children to use their own imaginations.

Holztiger Wooden Dragons

The Holztiger range of wooden figures and animals are always a hit with both children and adults. They are perfect for sparking children’s imaginations and have simple forms that mean children can give them any character or personality they wish. These dragons could be ferocious beasts or powerfully allies depending on the game and the day.

Holztiger also makes a fantastic range of knights and other fairy tale characters so you can create your own playset that’s tailored to your child’s specific interests.

Tender Leaf Toys Knights and Dragon Tales

This cute little playset is perfect as a stand-alone toy or as an add on to one of the Tender Leaf Toys castle sets. It’s got everything you need to have fantastic medieval adventures fighting dragons and protecting the castle and makes a lovely gift for dragon lovers.

BigJigs Dragon Crane

If your little one is into both trains and dragons then this train track accessory could just be the perfect gift.

It’s a great addition to any wooden train set as it’s compatible with most wooden train track brands, and is perfect for inspiring more imaginative storylines as they play.

Djeco Valiant and the Dragon Puzzle

For something a bit different for little dragon lovers we think this gorgeous puzzle is a great option. It’s beautiful, as are all the Djeco Puzzles, and great for developing lots of key skills through play.


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