The Best Ethical Gifts for Mothers Day

Unique Ethical Gifts for Mothers Day

Mother's day is all about honouring our mothers and our grandmothers. The women that have loved us, nurtured us, taught us and sacrificed for us. The women who have bought us into the world or been there for us while we grow. And it's the perfect opportunity to spoil those women with great gifts for mum.

The Origins of Mother’s Day

Mother's day has also become somewhat commercial but the origins go back as far as the ancient Greeks who would celebrate Rhea the mother of the gods and goddesses every spring, and the Romans whose mother goddess Cybele was celebrated every march.

In the UK and Ireland mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent and was originally a celebration of the virgin mother Mary. People would return to their home/mother church and families would be reunited for the day.

Over the years the focus has gone from the mother of Jesus to a celebration of all mothers and gifts are given to mum's as a part of the celebration to show mothers how much they are valued and appreciated. Traditionally these would have been flowers picked on the way home, and flowers are still a popular gift today.

Many people will also give their mum a day off cooking, either preparing food for her or taking her out for a meal, and traditionally this was a day mid-lent where a feast would be shared including a simnel cake that would have been a highly anticipated treat.

Ethical gifts for mothers day

As times change so do our values, and while picking flowers in country lanes might still be a lovely thing to do, buying flowers that have been flown halfway around the world seems a curious way to honour someone we love.

Nowadays environmental impact and the wellbeing of workers play a big part in many people's decision making whether they are looking at buying clothes, food, household items or gifts. After all, we only have one planet and didn't our mothers teach us how important it was to share nicely.

If you are looking for more ethical alternatives to the traditional chocolates and flowers and want to treat your mum in a planet positive way then we have some great options. We only use suppliers who have the highest ethical standards both in terms of their environmental responsibility and the way they look after their workers.

  • Tony's Chocolonely will make any mother's day. There's a great range of flavours to choose from including white, milk, dark milk and dark varieties. And all of them are guaranteed slave-free.
  • Instead of buying an expensive bouquet why not treat mum to some British flowers or make a bath bomb bouquet instead. The wild olive bath melts are made in the UK, smell divine, and are the perfect size to create an arrangement with.
  • Plastic ain't fantastic, so why not buy mum something that will replace plastic in her life. Reusable water bottles and insulated coffee cups are top of our list as we think everyone should have one. But if your mum already has a great bottle and cup there are plenty of other options. We love reusable sandwich wraps, jute shopping bags, or a lovely lunch bag.
  • Fair trade gifts. We have lots of lovely fair trade gifts but when it comes to mums we think you can't go wrong with a soft and snuggly throw. If you really want to spoil her combine with a natural scented candle and a luxury hot chocolate for a really indulgent treat.

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