The Best Ethical Princess Toys


Being ethical and having children that want all the latest toys, whether that’s princess dolls or other character toys can be difficult to juggle. We want the best for our children, including preserving the planet as best we can for them as they grow, but there definitely comes an age where they have very definite ideas about what they want, that despite our best intentions, might not coincide with our own ideas.

Buying ethical toys is a great way to ensure we are playing our part in not only preserving the planet and it’s precious resources for future generations. But also making sure the people who make them are treated fairly.

As well as making sure we are doing our bit in whatever small ways we can, buying ethically teaches our children valuable lessons. And of course when we are more conscious in our choices we are also being more conscious about the types of toys and materials they are playing with, the ways in which we are encouraging them to play and the lessons they are learning.

Our Top Ethical Princess Toys

Here are our top 5 ethical princess toys for your children to enjoy.

Tender Leaf Toys Knight and Dragon Tales

This super cute play set includes a princess, a dragon, a knight and a castle gate. Perfect for inspiring the imagination and getting children playing. Will the princess ride away on the dragon or rescue the knight? Who knows.

Ostheimer Rainbow Castle

This beautiful building set is an incredibly versatile toy that is perfect for playing princess games. The building blocks can be used and put together in any way you choose, great for encouraging problem solving and dexterity, and it comes with a King, Queen, Prince and Princess, perfect for small world creative play.

Indigo Jamm Princess Polly Carriage

Indigo Jamm makes the most fabulous range of wooden toys and their princess carriage is no exception. This gorgeous horse drawn carriage, complete with prince, princess and luggage, is brilliant for inspiring creative play and storytelling.

Gorgeous wooden toy that can be adapted to many traditional princess stories.

BigJigs Princess Palace

BigJigs are another heavy hitter when it comes to wooden toys. They are affordable and very appealing to children. This princess castle has everything your little princess could want and is a great alternative to the plastic alternatives.

Djeco Princess Puzzles

Djeco toys are universally beautiful thanks to the fact that they employ so many artists and illustrators. Their princess puzzles are perfect for little ones that love fairytales and a great activity for rainy days.

Buying Second Hand Princess Toys

Of course the other option if you want to buy ethically is to buy second hand toys. Whether you buy from friends, online marketplaces or second hand shops, buying preloved is a great way to satisfy both your children's desire for the toys and characters they see on TV or at their friends houses, and your own need to buy ethically and responsibly.

You’ll often find fancy dress items second hand as well as toys which are perfect for encouraging creativity and imagination as they play.

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