The Best Kids Shopping Trolley

If you are looking to expand your role play collection then a toy shopping trolleys is a great addition. They are loads of fun to play with, children just love mimicking us, and they offer a handy way to keep all the play food in one place when you pack your shop away at the end of the day.

Our high-quality wooden shopping cart collection is also perfect for helping little ones find their feet, transporting toys around the house, and even taking a doll or teddy for a walk if you’re short a pram.

It might not seem the obvious choice for a toy, it’s a bit like buying them a tiny cleaning set. But children really do love role play toys and they learn an awful lot from engaging in this type of play.

So here’s a bit more about our collection to help you decide.

Bigjigs Supermarket Trolley

The Bigjigs Supermarket Trolley is perfect for inspiring lots of creative role play. We love the bright colours and the fact there are two compartments so you can take a toy shopping with you or just keep your bread from getting squashed by the tins.

The construction is really sturdy as you would expect from Bigjigs and the non-slip wheels make it nice and safe for pushing around.

Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Cart

The Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Cart makes the perfect addition to their play shop and really extends the possibilities for imaginative and creative child-led play.

The printed fabric basket at the front could be used for fruit and veg, keeping your handbag while you shop or carrying a doll or favourite toy and certainly adds an extra element of fun.

Again it has non-slip wheels and solid construction making it ideal for little ones who are just finding their feet as well as older children.

Plan Toys Shopping Cart

The Plan Toys Shopping Cart is simple and stylish and we love the fact that it has a platform at the bottom for transporting larger items.

Plan Toys are just about as ethical as it’s possible for a toy company to be. They make all their toys from sustainable rubberwood, a waste product from the rubber industry, and even use the sawdust they create to make special plan wood toys.

This is a beautiful trolley that will certainly be loved for years.

Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Trolley

This Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Trolley is another great option, and perfect for going to the market or the grocers. It’s not a supermarket trolley but it still has wheels and of course, kids are also learning about taking their own bags.

This is also a slightly more open-ended toy as it’s equally perfect for packing up a picnic or getting ready for a sleepover or camping adventure.


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