The Best Kids Tool Benches for Small Spaces

The Best Kids Tool Benches for Small Spaces

Kids love a tool bench. They’re just so much fun. They love to build and they love to copy mum and dad, fixing things around the house or mending their toys.

Plus a kids tool bench is perfect for encouraging not only imaginative role play but also getting kids learning and practising key skills without even realising it. They practise pincer grip as they twist the bolts and undo screws. They perfect their hand-eye coordination as they feed bolts through holes in the pieces of wood or the workbench, and they get lots of practise problem-solving as they figure out how to build their creations and pick the best tool for the job.

But not everyone has space for a full-size children’s workbench, especially if you already have a toy kitchen, a dolls house, a collection of construction toys and all the other toys that children love and learn from.

So with that in mind we take a look at some more compact options that take up a little less space but still have lots of play value and will help your little ones develop just as well.

Tender Leaf - Table Top Tool Bench

The Tender Leaf Table Top Tool Bench is brilliant. It’s a full tool bench with everything your little one could wish for, just smaller so takes up a bit less space.

This little tool bench measures 42 x 25.8 x 49cm and is perfect for playing with either on the floor or on a table or the top of a toy box. This is quite a bit smaller than their full-size version which measures 51 x 36.5 x 71cm. Most notably the depth is much less so it can be stored on a shelf or unit.

But although it’s little in size it still has a table saw, a drill, a set of hand tools, a blackboard for designing their creations and all the bits you need to build your very own monster or anything else your little one might dream up.

Bigjigs My Workbench

If you need something even smaller that can be packed away then the Bigjigs My Workbench is a great option. This is a tool caddy and a workbench in one, simply empty out the tools, turn it upside down and you are ready to go.

There are no power tools in this set but you get lots of nuts and bolts and of course the all-important hammer.

Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Tool Box

We love Indigo Jamm Toys at Baba Me and this little toolbox and mini bench set is no exception. The set contains everything your budding carpenter needs to help out around the house including a little mini tool bench for bigger jobs. And it all packs away neatly in the tool caddy for storage.


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