The Best Medieval and Princess Castles for Kids

Our Pick of the Best Medieval and Princess Castles for Kids

Heroes and princesses appear in so many of our stories from myths and legends to classic fairy tales and modern movies.

Children love watching and listening to fairy tales, they feed their imaginations and allow them to picture the world in different ways, as well as making otherwise abstract concepts come to life in a way that is easy for them to understand.

These stories lead to pretend play, dressing up as knights, heroes and princesses, and of course as a princess usually lives in or has been trapped in a castle, princess castles are very popular toys.

You can buy toys that are very much princess castles, beautiful palaces that any Disney princess would be happy to inhabit, or you can opt for a more neutral castle that could be home to medieval battles, epic superhero fantasies, dragons, and of course a princess.

Top Castle Toys

In no particular order here are some of our favourite castle toys for children, from perfect princess palaces to Otheimers epic medieval constructions that are a thing of beauty for children of all ages.

  1. Big Jigs Fairy Tale or Princess Palace
  2. Tender Leaf Toys Royal Castle
  3. Big Jigs King Arthur’s Castle
  4. Holztiger Knights Castle
  5. Ostheimer Castle Pieces
  6. Grimm's 1001 Nights Building Set

Big Jigs Fairy Tale or Princess Palace

The Big Jigs Princess Palace is the perfect princess castle and comes with a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Maid and even a Wicked Witch.

The attention to detail on this toy is fabulous and we particularly love the rope ladder leading up to the princesses bedroom. A beautiful toy to encourage imaginative play and make believe.

Tender Leaf Toys Royal Castle

Tender Leaf Toys have three castle sets of which the Royal Castle is the biggest and our favourite as it has the most accessories. However, the Wolf and Dragon sets are also fantastic value and offer loads of opportunity for make-believe.

We love the fact that there are two teams of knights ready for a tournament or to do battle, and a scary dragon to defend the castle against, although you would need to add your own princess to rescue from the tower.

Big Jigs King Arthur’s Castle

King Arthur and the Knights of the round table is about as classic as a fairy tale gets. This castle comes complete with Arthur, Merlin, 4 knights and 2 horses, it’s ready to play with although you might have to get a princess to go with it.

Holztiger Knights Castle

This is a beautiful natural wood castle that could be used for knights, princesses or both. It’s such a well-made castle that it will definitely be passed onto friends or future generations and because of the simple clip construction you can build it any way you choose and pack it away neatly when it’s not being used.

Ostheimer Castle Pieces

Ostheimer are most famous for their gorgeous wooden animals, but they also do a fantastic fantasy range including horses, knights, dragons and princesses.

There are two options for the castle. You can buy the basic set, or you can just pick individual elements and make your own princess castle. We love the round tower, the bell tower, the wishing well and so many more.

Grimm's 1001 Nights Building Set

If your child is an Aladdin fan this is the perfect building set to create a stunning Arabian castle that is perfect for make-believe. And of course, because it is also a block set it can be used for building anything else they fancy.

This is a great set to go for if you want to encourage open-ended play and have a castle that you can easily pack away at the end of the day.


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