The Best Mum and Baby Gifts


What are the best baby and new mum gifts that you can give to new mothers and their little ones? We take a look at some gorgeous gifts for new mumsgifts for babies, practical gifts, and gifts to help new mums take care of themselves.

Beautiful New Baby Gifts

If you are buying a gift for a new mum and baby it’s lovely to include something for both of them. We have a great range of gifts for new babies but there are certainly some that really jump out as being perfect for a new mum and baby gift bundle.

Little soft toys are perfect for new babies and we particularly love the Threadbear Designs knitted dolls and the Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds. Both are the perfect size for new babies and are sure to become firm favourites in the months and years to come.

If you are not drawn to the idea of a soft toy then teething toys are another great option for baby gifts as they are one of the first toys 1 year old will play with and it’s always good to have a few options as different babies prefer the feel of different toys.

Practical Gifts for Mum and Baby

As well as pretty toys and clothes there are lots of really practical gifts you can get for new mums and babies.

Depending on the person reusable nappies make a great gift. A single nappy could make the beginning of their journey with cloth nappies and make a huge impact on the amount of waste they create.

And if nappies aren’t the thing there are lots of other practical gifts like muslins, washable baby wipes, reusable nipple pads, dummy clips or even reusable drinks bottles or insulated cups for mum.

If you feel able to splash out then a sling is one of the best new mum and baby gifts. It’s perfect for bonding with your baby and great for keeping baby close, which is where they love to be, and mum hands-free either at home or while they are out and about.

Baby carriers can be used from birth until toddlerhood and really do make a huge difference to both mum and baby. Making them the perfect mum and baby gift.

Self Care for New Mums

Self-care is so important for new mums and can often go by the wayside as the needs of a new baby can be all-consuming at times.

Giving a gift that reminds mums of the need to look after themselves and facilitates the process is perfect. We love candles, bath salts, hand creams and chocolate or other treats that can help mum take a few moments in the day to tune into what she needs and make sure that her own needs don’t get overlooked too much.

Offers of help and support are also really important.


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