The best non-plastic stocking fillers

The best non-plastic stocking fillers 2019

If you are on a mission to reduce waste this festive season then the Christmas Stocking is a great place to start. And being as he lives at the north pole we reckon Santa would be fully on board with plastic-free stocking fillers.

So how do you find little gifts that are waste-free, will still bring a smile Christmas morning and won't make the stocking end up costing more than the main gift?

We’ve put together a list of the best non-plastic stocking fillers for 2019 including items for all ages to help you on your way.

Plastic Free Stocking Fillers

  • A bamboo or cornstarch toothbrush. For many, a toothbrush is a standard when it comes to filling up a stocking. This year make it a compostable one. And better still make the commitment to ditch plastic toothbrushes for good.

  • Wooden toys and games. We specialise in wooden toys so these were always going to be high on our list but they really do make the perfect stocking fillers for kids. Plus they add an element of nostalgia as you can get your kids the same things you used to play with. Remember ball and cup, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, wooden cars and trains, balloon powered boats and noughts and crosses? These are all great stocking stuffer size toys that kids will love on Christmas morning.

  • Puzzles. Puzzles are making a come back for both children and adults. They are a great way to train the brain, relax, and work on loads of key skills. Plus they might just keep your little ones entertained for a few minutes on Christmas morning.

  • Plastic Free Toiletries. Bath bombs and funky duck-shaped soaps are a winner for little ones and older kids and adults might really appreciate a natural deodorant or solid shampoo and conditioner bar. Plus like the toothbrush, this can make a real difference to your plastic use year-round.

  • Rechargable batteries. With so many toys and games nowadays needing batteries, why not gift a set of rechargeable batteries in your stockings this Christmas. That way instead of constantly pestering you for new batteries they can simply charge them up and be ready to go again.

  • Organic cotton or bamboo socks and pants. You may automatically assume that socks and pants are plastic-free but that’s not always the case. Check for natural fibres or choose fabrics that are made from recycled materials. And eco doesn’t have to be boring, Thought socks come in so many funky designs you’ll be spoilt for choice. But be warned they really are the comfiest socks you’ll ever wear.

  • Natural candles, wax melts and diffusers. For more grown-up recipients you can’t go wrong with some natural home fragrance. Natural soy wax candles and melts burn clean and have great scent throw without being made from petrochemicals. And a beautiful glass diffuser will look perfect in any room in the house.

For more ideas for young children take a look here.

Don’t forget the wrapping

Some people wrap up stocking fillers others don’t but if you are a wrapper don’t forget to ensure your wrapping is plastic-free as well. The beauty of stocking fillers is that they are small so you can easily wrap them using packing paper, newspaper, fabric scraps etc.

If you do buy paper make sure it is recyclable as many have foil or glitter that means the whole lot ends up in the landfill.

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